Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Get Ready - Slowly...

So made a start. Began painting. The master bedroom and one of the others I've done, almost finished the third and then I only need to do one more and that's the four bedrooms finished. I've painted the kitchen and the hallways. Family room only needs one more wall and it's finished.

I ordered some removalist boxes so I can begin de-cluttering once the painting is finished. Had some agents in and very happy with the price they are all suggesting. Have to decide which one to go with but as I don't intend to put it on the market until I've finished all the work, there isn't a rush.

I'm dreading the back shed and the garage - all those years of 'stuff' and then I have to tackle the yards - back, front and side. This is the time when you need a male in your life to do the heavy

The cats and Fozzie are wondering what's going on - boxes everywhere, paint cans, furniture pulled to the centre of rooms. I hope they don't fret too much when the move is one. It will be a long (2 hour) car ride for them.

Callie is the main worry - she hates people and hides when the door bell rings. I think she will take a while to settle in to the new place.

Been studying the houses for sale in the area I want and keep finding lots of ones I'd love to buy. They've been in my price range and I'm hoping once I'm ready to buy I still have a great selection. Went up there two Saturday's ago and the area is so relaxed, people seem very friendly.

On top of trying to get organised I had two weeks to get the first edits done on my latest book due out in August.  As you can see Callie gave them a critical eye. I haven't received the cover mock-up yet but usually my publisher sends it around the same time as the second edits come through.

I'm going to keep working but won't submit anything until the house is under contract - the last thing I want is to move and do my publisher's edits at the same time.

Anyway, slowly does it and I'm hoping I get things ready by August then it will be nail-biting time waiting for a buyer....😀

UPDATE:  I just sign up with a Real Estate agent to put the house on the market in August so it's all happening!!

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