Sunday, 8 April 2018

Worried Sick... Final Update....

Eldest granddaughter (8) is seriously ill in hospital. She was rushed there by ambulance on Friday and still there. Not sure at this stage what is happening.

First thought was meningitis but her spinal tap came back clear. She's had countless test including a ECG. Next is an EEG and an MRI as the doctors try to figure out exactly what is wrong with her.

It is a terrible time and that family has been through hell and back in the past 18 months with cancers and serious illnesses - and it looks as if it is still continuing.

Anyway, I have fingers and toes crossed for my dear granddaughter and hope she will turn a corner quickly.

She is a very sick little girl.😪

UPDATE: MRI set for today (Monday) if they can fit her in or else definitely tomorrow.

NEW UPDATE: MRI just done (Tues) now we have to wait on the results. EEG still to be done but that has to be at Westmead Children's Hospital.

BIG thank you for your emails of good wishes, support and hopes 😊

FINAL UPDATE (I hope) : My granddaughter is home at last!

Whilst in hospital, she was immediately started on high doses of IV antibiotics in case it was Meningitis and it continued all throughout her stay. Now she has oral doses 4 times a day for another week. The doctors think she had some sort of severe infection that mimicked Meningitis.

The MRI preliminary report is clear. I think I almost collapsed when I heard that. My mind had been thinking 'tumor' after dealing with my late husband's and I honestly wondered if I'd  have the strength to be able to go through that nightmare again. At last I can breathe again.

She still has to have an EEG but has to wait until Westmead Hospital books her in. There is still concern about the seizures and headaches with the doctors now wondering if she has Epilepsy. She has a pediatrician appointment to follow up and get any additional testing done.

Thanks again for your emails - it has been lovely to have all that support. 😀

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