Monday, 23 April 2018

Time to Get Back to Work....

Had my lovely 15 yr old grandson stay for nine days so not much writing done but the two of us had fun. Lots of laughs as usual when we get together. Now it's back to work.

I've signed the contract on my new book which is due out in July and now I'm getting stuck into writing the next two books in this new series. I would like to have at last one finished by the end of May and the third by August. I actually have six books for this series planned in my head but whether they turn out the way I envisage is anyone's guess.

Along with those books I have another eight at various stages. That's the trouble with being an author - you keep getting these ideas for new books and just have to get something down.

Grandson and I went out one day to photograph things. He is learning a lot about his camera and takes some great pictures.

He has taken some great shots of racing cars and bikes as well as some scenic shots - you can follow him on Instagram -

I fiddled about with my macro lens. Happy with some of the results but I know I can do much better.


Glad to know everything has settled down with my granddaughter. She still has to have an EKG - that's booked in for mid May at the Children's Hospital. Have my fingers crossed that it comes back normal.

She is back to her usual self. I get angry when I think of what she's faced. She is blind in one eye, has a duplex kidney, is autistic (like her younger sister) and now all these tests are being thrown at her. I have fingers and toes crossed that nothing comes up.

That tree change I'm always talking about is looking mighty attractive - maybe in the next twelve

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