Sunday, 15 April 2018

So Excited...

Weird how things go from way down to way up in a split second.

After all the worries of last week and trying to keep upbeat, I finally was feeling good again. Then yesterday I got an email.

Last Thursday week, in the late evening, I submitted a manuscript to my new publisher and then prepared myself for the 3 month wait. Imagine my shock when I got an email yesterday accepting my submission!

Just 7 days!

My first submission took 3 months of nail-bititng waiting and checking the inbox twice a day, I hadn't even got round to doing that with this one!

This new book is the first in a new series and here I was thinking I'd have three months to write book 2. Nope. I'll have to really get stuck into it now... lol.

I shared my news with a few American & Canadian author friends who have the same publisher and they were surprised at how quick it was accepted. One said he thought my first book with them must have been very successful and they grabbed this next book so I didn't submit to any one else.

Beats me - but whatever the reason, I am very excited. Book number 19 will out in a few months! Maybe in time for my birthday in July.

I danced around the kitchen like a crazy lady.

These are the times when you wish you had someone to share your excitement - but at least I shouted from the back verandah....and scared the hell at a person passing by. 😆

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