Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I was thinking maybe this year will be better and I'll have no more medical worries...

Famous last words!

Friday afternoon I managed to spill boiling water on my left hand - fortunately (or unfortunately) it only hit one finger but that was enough. For about thirty seconds there was no pain then it hit. OMG I have never in my life felt such agony. I was actually screaming, writhing, howling.

Held my hand under a running tap for about thirty minutes - screaming at the top of my voice and crying.

Then I covered it in Aloe Vera... figured it would be okay but the pain started again just a bad so back under water. For the next four hours I alternated between running water and Aloe Vera still howling and cursing at the top of my voice.

By seven o'clock I was so exhausted from crying I actually fell asleep!

Because it was a public holiday no surgeries were open and, anyway, I live alone and don't have anyone I could call on. My younger son and his family had gone out for the day and they were hours away. (I honestly doubt I could have driven myself - it was hard enough driving a manual car on Tuesday.)

Anyway I dressed the finger after coating it in Aloe again. Next morning the pain was a manageable level so re-bandaged it after more Aloe.

4 days later
Tuesday I had to see my doc about my cancer, been about six weeks since my doc checked after the treatment and the good news is the doc's very happy - and so am I!

Don't have to go back for another six months for another cancer check-up. Big relief. I know I'll have to have continual check-ups like I do for my breast but hell that's nothing.

Anyway while I was there I told him about my finger and he took a look. (I took a couple of pics while I waited for the nurse to re-dress it).

He's worried the blisters may burst and the scar tissue may impede the movement of the finger. Have to go back on Thursday for another check-up unless any blisters burst in which case I have to see him immediately.

I can't believe how clumsy I am!

I just hope this doesn't mean the rest of the year is going to be the

I've just got my first round of edits from my new publisher and trying to type one handed is a big pain (I'm a touch typist). Still I'll have them finished in time. Haven't received my cover yet so really looking forward to seeing what they've come with.

Got my royalties from Siren for the past quarter and added them onto a spreadsheet I keep. So nice to see that in total I've sold thousands and thousands of books. It so exciting to see those numbers of books sold getting larger and larger with each quarter. I can remember when Siren published my first book I told my DIL I'd be excited of it sold 10 copies!!!

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