Friday, 24 November 2017

Fingers Crossed....

Off to see my doctor on Monday - I have everything crossed for good news.

My cancer was found in August and I've been having treatment - on Monday I find out if I need more or if I've finished.

I didn't tell anyone (including my family) about my cancer because they were all going through their own hell and didn't need more woes to worry about.

Anyway I'm one of those weirdoes who doesn't like to bother people and instead hides everything.

Came clean to them all last weekend ... lol.... but naturally played it right down saying it wasn't much.

Younger son's cancers are all behaving and he's in remission. DIL gets to see her doc the beginning of December to find out if she needs any more treatment.

Elder son's FIL just been diagnosed with brain tumour - no news yet on treatment etc. Weird when you think my boys' father had a brain tumour.... spooky. So we are sending positive thoughts to the family in hopes it's one of those treatable ones which it is looking like.

Anyway come Monday please cross your fingers for me (and DIL)

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