Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Musing on Roads Taken...

Just got my royalties for the 2nd quarter and it got me thinking.

When I sent off my first book to a publisher I never expected it to be taken up. I honestly thought I'd have a pile of reject slips... enough to paper a room or even a house and instead I only got one.

My bookshelf is slowly filling
I sent the same manuscript to two publishers - one accepted it after just five weeks and the other sent back a very nice note after 3 months saying they didn't publish the genre but suggested a number of other publishers that did - one of which was the publisher who'd accepted.

Anyway, apart from being over the moon, I was thinking - 'wow, maybe I'll sell a few books. Maybe I might make $50 or even $100'.

Well, that was certainly underestimation by me. I ended up selling enough to buy myself a new car and a few other luxuries.

Life is funny. It has a way of turning out as we least expect it. I never thought I become an author, much less have 17 books published. Those forks in the road are unexpected but sometimes they lead us to place we had only dreamt of.

Yes - sometimes things happen that we'd rather forget, roads we wished we'd never gone down, people we'd rather not have met but even those bad things are karmic. They make us who we are. They colour our lives.

Now I'm an author I use those experiences - both good and bad - in my books.

I get to kill of people who bug me, I get to make heroes of those that inspire me or those unforgettable men who I see for a fleeting moment in the street. I get to put my day-dreams into print and share them with the world.

Man, I wouldn't swap my life for anyone!

If you're interested in reading any of my books don't forget to check out my author blog and website!

But be warned they are not for the faint-hearted.

They are extremely explicit in language and sexual descriptions and most definitely unsuitable for under 18s and those who shudder at the thought of four letter words.... :)

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