Thursday, 22 June 2017

ASD, Cars and Keyboards ...

Youngest son's wife was in hospital, so we had a worrying time again but thankfully all her results  have come back clear.

I really wonder what on earth has happened to my family and me in the past almost twelve months. It's like every horrid thing has rained down on us. Just when we think we can start breathing again something else happens.

Youngest granddaughter's results have come back - ASD, SPD and ADHD. Now the psychologist wants to have her elder sister tested because she is certain she has SPD as well and as that often goes hand in glove with ASD it makes sense.

Second eldest grandson has also been diagnosed as ASD - he was diagnosed a little while ago so they (elder son and wife) are a little further down the track than younger son and family.

Really isn't surprising given the amount in the family with ASD.

I've just immersed myself in my writing in hopes that all the bad things will disappear and no longer notice me or the kids.

Got an email from my Holden dealer to say my Trax Active is due for it's 9 month/15000km service on my birthday, the17th - had to laugh as I have just done 3000km.

Still I've booked it in for mid next month, the 19th. I have my eldest grandson for the first week of the school holidays starting July 1 so that km figure will go up but not by much.

The letters on my keyboard have worn off on many of the keys as you can see. Fortunately I touch type so don't need to look at the keyboard but I have to admit it annoys me.

Anyway I was checking out something else on Ebay when I saw an ad for a keyboard skin for my type/brand of laptop. Sent off for one from China for $2 and guess what? I now have letters!

And pretty ones at that!

Fits perfectly but it does feel funny. Once I've used it for a few days I think it will be fine. Who knows it might even inspire a new book!

Anyway, now I can sit with a rainbow in front of me as I type and dream of unicorns instead of my usual sexy men....

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