Thursday, 4 May 2017

Feet and Edits ...

My foot is almost back to normal. It's only sore now where the initial wound was and just needs to heal up. It was a scare I can tell you, especially when the doc told me that before antibiotics cellulitis used to kill!

Anyway, I'm putting it all behind me and moving on.

Have my first round of edits back from the publisher to complete. I was rather chuff when I read the editor's comments - there were only minor mechanical revisions to be done. The editor also wrote they loved the story and the way it unfolded with plenty of drama and interest for the reader.

I also discovered I have trouble with 'passed' and 'past'. I though I got them right in the book but there were a few times when I put in the wrong one. One day I learn. It's like Vocative Case with commas -I used to stuff that up as

Anyway, been working on them since the weekend and should have them completed today or tomorrow and sent back to the publisher. Then I will be able to start on my 50k in May - I hope to get one of my WIP finished. Well at least get it all down then ready for the big 'edit' read-through I do when I first finish a MS.

I never actually edit as I go, I'd rather get the story down first of all then go back through it. Usually I end up cutting bits out, adding others, moving chapters around before sending it off to my Beta readers for their opinions.

Younger son is feeling a lot better, his stitches are out and the wound is healing nicely. We all have our fingers crossed that it, the melanoma, and the bowel cancer are things of the past.

Thanks for you best wishes, I've had so many lovely emails! I've passed them on to him and he sends you his sincere thanks.

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