Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Never Rains - It Pours...

A few weeks back I had my grandson staying with me for a while - we had lots of fun but one evening I scrapped my foot on a nail, it's almost between my big toe and the next - underneath. Cleaned it up and thought no more of it.

Today I had to go to the doctors about it.

My foot is so very sore, and twice the normal size as well as being red. Oh dear something isn't right.

Yep - infected and also now have cellutis in my foot. Had to have a tetanus shot, on 2 different types of antibiotics and then had to go have a X-ray. Doc is worried there may be rust in the original injury.

Nurse cleaned up the wound and dressed it for me. Have to go back with the X-rays tomorrow. Big chance I will have to go into hospital for a week on intravenous antibiotics. I'm supposed to keep my foot elevated and keep off it for at least the next four or five days .... mmm.

Had to go and have the X-ray today. Need to go out and pick them up tomorrow then go back to the doc. Also have a dental appointment in Penrith.

Well, I'll keep off it and keep it up today. Have to use it a lot tomorrow but I'll try and behave Friday and the weekend.

I just hope this terrible pain goes away quick.

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