Monday, 27 February 2017

Jury Duty ...

Last December I received a letter saying I was now on the roll for Jury Duty for the next 12 months. This is the third time I've received the dreaded letter. The first two times I was able to get out of it - 1st time because I was married to a serving Police officer, the 2nd time because I was a full-time carer.

This time I had no excuse so I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. No such luck.

So a few weeks back I got a letter .... yep. I'd been called for duty. From February 28th for a trial estimated to last 4 weeks. Not impressed.

Nervously waited for the 27th because on that day I had to ring in the late afternoon to see if I was still required. Knowing how rotten my luck is I was sure they would want me still.

Oh joy! Oh bliss!

Rejected - but only until the 28th November. Then I'm still on the roll until the 5th January.

Feel like I've escaped Mordor ... lol.

Actually I am very relieved because it hasn't been a good year so far. Son diagnosed with Cancer, granddaughter diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and 90% sure she is also autistic. Suggestion that other granddaughter may also be ASD.

A few other shitty things have happened so having to sit through a four week trial was something I just wasn't looking forward to one little bit.

I'm just hoping that this means things are looking brighter - that son's surgery goes well and nothing else happens.

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