Sunday, 24 December 2017


I hope you all have a safe and wonderful festive season. I hope 2018 brings you all you could wish for.

Thanks for following me throughout the year and let's all pray for peace in 2018.

Monday, 11 December 2017


So the year is drawing to a close and looks like my family's health issues are going right down to the wire.

DIL's biopsy results are due in next Monday so we have everything crossed for good news.

Younger son's health woes haven't ended - he now had to go onto a chemo drug ... Methotrexate. One and a half tablets once a week - FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

The dosage will increase and the side effects are the same as all chemo drugs.

He's onto his second tablet and feels sick all the time, we are hoping his body adjusts and the nausea wears off soon. It's bad enough to have to go onto chemo but to have to have it forever is such a big shock for us all.

All I can say is roll on 2018 - there is no way it can be worse than this year.

I haven't even had to inclination to write, I have a number of WIPs but will leave them till the new year. Soon I will have my first round of edits on the book my new publisher has accepted so I have the decks cleared for that.

Instead of writing I have picked up my paintbrushes again.  Had a commission portrait for a lady in the US and have sent it off. That got me in the mood to do some more portraits so this is them.
'The Matriarch'

'Lines of Laughter'

I really enjoying painting old faces - love all those wrinkles and the wisdom in their eyes. These will become part of a series called 'Faces of Life' - most will be those wonderful elderly faces.

Now I'm searching through all the photographs I've gathered to find my next subject. It keeps my mind off the worries for my children. I don't care about my own cancer stuff - I can deal with that in my own way but it is so painful to have your children struggle with the monster.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

So Excited ...

I've just signed the contract on a new book - and with a new publisher! 

Evernight Publishing is going to publish Her Dom's Secret Past and I couldn't be more excited. The ebook is due for release in February 2018 and the POD later. Big thank you to them for accepting my work.

I know a number of authors who publish with them and they all agree they are the best.

I loved writing for Siren but they have changed their 'submission requirements' which means any new MS by me are no longer available for submission.

I'm hoping Evernight Publishing will accept my other WIPs once I finish them all including my new BDSM series.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Got Ya - Ya Bastard ...

Big sigh of relief!

No more treatments ... yay!! 

Have to see the doc again mid January but overall he is very happy and so am I - in fact I'm ecstatic!

No spread to anywhere in my body so I can say I'm now cancer free.

Naturally I'll have to have continual checks from now on but I beat that bastard.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Fingers Crossed....

Off to see my doctor on Monday - I have everything crossed for good news.

My cancer was found in August and I've been having treatment - on Monday I find out if I need more or if I've finished.

I didn't tell anyone (including my family) about my cancer because they were all going through their own hell and didn't need more woes to worry about.

Anyway I'm one of those weirdoes who doesn't like to bother people and instead hides everything.

Came clean to them all last weekend ... lol.... but naturally played it right down saying it wasn't much.

Younger son's cancers are all behaving and he's in remission. DIL gets to see her doc the beginning of December to find out if she needs any more treatment.

Elder son's FIL just been diagnosed with brain tumour - no news yet on treatment etc. Weird when you think my boys' father had a brain tumour.... spooky. So we are sending positive thoughts to the family in hopes it's one of those treatable ones which it is looking like.

Anyway come Monday please cross your fingers for me (and DIL)

Friday, 10 November 2017

And Cancer Hits Again..

Well that's a big fuck!

Now it's my turn with the big C.

Having treatment since August and thankfully it's contained to the one area. Makes me wonder why the hell me and my family being targeted by cancer... son has 2 different types of cancer in 12 months, DIL and now me.

Still it could be worse - at least I'm alive and I plan to live for another 30 years ... lol.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Please Vote for Me ....

I've made the finals in the Australian Romance Reader's Choice Awards.  I'd love it if you could take the time to please vote for me - thank you.

Just 'Like' under the picture on the link. (You don't have to live in Australia to vote as my books are sold worldwide.)

(and an enormously big thank you to those who nominated me.)

Monday, 16 October 2017


Shit, shit, shit!

Just when we thought things were finally getting back to normal DIL saw specialist today and the doc dropped the C word with a loud bang.

Once again it's hit, now waiting on biopsy results.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Books and Mission to Mars...

I am a voracious reader ... always have been and always will. I have a few addictions in my life. One is watercolour paintbrushes - I can't seem to resist buying them when I see them (good quality ones that is) and along with that is art supplies. My other addiction is buying books.

I say to myself I'll be good and only buy one but of course that never works. Decided the other week I'd read the Agatha Raisin books. Now any normal person would buy one to see if they liked it before outlaying money on the rest - not me!

I found a place in England that had the first 20 books for under $40aus so had to have them. They turned up last week and now I'm up to book 5 and loving them (thank goodness).

Of course then the latest Dan Brown book was released through the week and I just had to have it - I mean it might have sold out world wide. The publishers might have decided not to print more and then I'd never get a copy!

Anyway, that was my excuse. I went into Kmart to buy it for 2 reasons - 1. it was cheaper than at the bookshop and 2. I wouldn't be tempted by all those lovely books calling me from the shelves.

Yeah I know.

And yes I did buy another book, I really wanted to read it (that's my excuse).  So now my TBR pile has hit astronomical heights.  Last count there were 78 books on it and I have decided not to count it ever again.

On an interesting note I was on the NASA website when I read they had opened the books for people to add their names to the next lander Mars Mission. I missed out last time so quickly logged in and now I have my boarding pass!

I'm off to Mars!!

When it lands on Mars in November of 2018, NASA's InSight lander will be carrying several science instruments -- along with hundreds of thousands of names from members of the public.
In 2015, nearly 827,000 people signed up to add their names to a silicon microchip onboard the robotic spacecraft. NASA is now adding a second microchip, giving the public another chance to send their names to Mars. New submissions will be accepted from Oct. 2 to Nov. 1, 2017

InSightInSight: A NASA Discovery Program mission Spacecraft 

Mission Type: Lander
Launch Window Begins: May 5, 2018
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 401
Launch Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Landing: Nov. 26, 2018
Landing Site: Elysium Planitia, Mars
InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that will place a single geophysical lander on Mars to study its deep interior. But InSight is more than a Mars mission - it is a terrestrial planet explorer that will address one of the most fundamental issues of planetary and solar system science - understanding the processes that shaped the rocky planets of the inner solar system (including Earth) more than four billion years ago.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Please Take a Minute to Nominate Me...

I have a big favour to ask all my readers.

I would love it if you would like to nominate me for Best Established Author for 2017 at the link below. Just need to type in your email address and my name, Suzy Shearer - simple!

Big thank you!!

Friday, 1 September 2017

A Big Sigh of Relief...

After being hit with two types of cancer in 12 months my son had a follow-up op today and thankfully he is now cancer-free. Surgeon is very happy with how son's body is healing - while we are all over the moon.

He will have to have continual check ups for the rest of his life but that's a minuscule price to pay!

Hopefully after the shitty few years that have plagued myself and the kids we can all now look forward to a better life for us all.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Forgotten Fleet ...


I recently did an interview with ABC Regional Radio about my father's experiences in WWll with the Forgotten Fleet.

The Forgotten Fleet, the Ragtag Fleet was about the 3000 men who were considered unfit for duty or had jobs which were considered vital. Australian men and their ships were used by the US Amy Small Ships Section, in New Guinea 1942-1945 carrying supplies, explosives, ammunition and men behind enemy lines.

My father was the skipper of the fishing trawler - Nanagai which was seconded by the US Army in 1942. My father, with his 4 crew sailed through the dangerous waters during the war supply troops.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Musing on Roads Taken...

Just got my royalties for the 2nd quarter and it got me thinking.

When I sent off my first book to a publisher I never expected it to be taken up. I honestly thought I'd have a pile of reject slips... enough to paper a room or even a house and instead I only got one.

My bookshelf is slowly filling
I sent the same manuscript to two publishers - one accepted it after just five weeks and the other sent back a very nice note after 3 months saying they didn't publish the genre but suggested a number of other publishers that did - one of which was the publisher who'd accepted.

Anyway, apart from being over the moon, I was thinking - 'wow, maybe I'll sell a few books. Maybe I might make $50 or even $100'.

Well, that was certainly underestimation by me. I ended up selling enough to buy myself a new car and a few other luxuries.

Life is funny. It has a way of turning out as we least expect it. I never thought I become an author, much less have 17 books published. Those forks in the road are unexpected but sometimes they lead us to place we had only dreamt of.

Yes - sometimes things happen that we'd rather forget, roads we wished we'd never gone down, people we'd rather not have met but even those bad things are karmic. They make us who we are. They colour our lives.

Now I'm an author I use those experiences - both good and bad - in my books.

I get to kill of people who bug me, I get to make heroes of those that inspire me or those unforgettable men who I see for a fleeting moment in the street. I get to put my day-dreams into print and share them with the world.

Man, I wouldn't swap my life for anyone!

If you're interested in reading any of my books don't forget to check out my author blog and website!

But be warned they are not for the faint-hearted.

They are extremely explicit in language and sexual descriptions and most definitely unsuitable for under 18s and those who shudder at the thought of four letter words.... :)

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Food Gloriious Food...

Had a great week with my eldest grandson. Not only did we go to the drive-in, went shopping, visited people and drove around, we enjoyed some yummy food.

Went to breakfast the other day - most delicious. I had poached eggs and my handsome grandson had the works.

Then we decided to have a Mexican night - tortillas. They tasted great!

Earlier in the week we dropped into the Lindt Factory Outlet and collected some delicious chocolates. They had a 50% off for the Pick n' Mix so naturally we filled up a box each.

I filled mine witth the Hazelnut Chocs. By carefully layering them I got 1.5kg in the box - $25 instead of $110!

Cinnamon Custard Nachos
Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself.

Today (Saturday) did a little family fun and went to a new place called Lickits - a frozen custard place.
Cookie Lover's Sunda
My younger son and his family joined us for some unbelievable frozen custard.

Couldn't believe the size of the sundaes!

Death by Brownie
Banana Split

Thursday, 22 June 2017

ASD, Cars and Keyboards ...

Youngest son's wife was in hospital, so we had a worrying time again but thankfully all her results  have come back clear.

I really wonder what on earth has happened to my family and me in the past almost twelve months. It's like every horrid thing has rained down on us. Just when we think we can start breathing again something else happens.

Youngest granddaughter's results have come back - ASD, SPD and ADHD. Now the psychologist wants to have her elder sister tested because she is certain she has SPD as well and as that often goes hand in glove with ASD it makes sense.

Second eldest grandson has also been diagnosed as ASD - he was diagnosed a little while ago so they (elder son and wife) are a little further down the track than younger son and family.

Really isn't surprising given the amount in the family with ASD.

I've just immersed myself in my writing in hopes that all the bad things will disappear and no longer notice me or the kids.

Got an email from my Holden dealer to say my Trax Active is due for it's 9 month/15000km service on my birthday, the17th - had to laugh as I have just done 3000km.

Still I've booked it in for mid next month, the 19th. I have my eldest grandson for the first week of the school holidays starting July 1 so that km figure will go up but not by much.

The letters on my keyboard have worn off on many of the keys as you can see. Fortunately I touch type so don't need to look at the keyboard but I have to admit it annoys me.

Anyway I was checking out something else on Ebay when I saw an ad for a keyboard skin for my type/brand of laptop. Sent off for one from China for $2 and guess what? I now have letters!

And pretty ones at that!

Fits perfectly but it does feel funny. Once I've used it for a few days I think it will be fine. Who knows it might even inspire a new book!

Anyway, now I can sit with a rainbow in front of me as I type and dream of unicorns instead of my usual sexy men....

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Words, words, words ... and UPDATE ...

So I might have been wallowing in a huge pity party but I did manage a great achievement. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I joined the RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) challenge - 50k In May.

Well, I exceeded every expectation I had. I wrote 91,292 words!!!

When I find out the group total I'll post it as an update at the end of this post. Some had personal goals of 10k or 20k, others 50k or higher. Think there were about 60-80 of us in the challenge. We were hoping to break the 1 million mark!

I finished one manuscript and started another. It was a fabulous motivation. There were days I only wrote 50 words and other days were I couldn't stop filling page after page.

The wonderful camaraderie from everyone who participated was what made it all worth while.

So now I've got a MS to do a 2nd  draft on and a new WIP to continue with.

Positive motivations, positive re-enforcement can do wonders. A simple 'well done' or 'great work' inspires you to do more. - far more than 'is that all!' or 'you're not that good'.

People forget that words harm. Get told 'I wish I'd never met you' and it burns into the brain, hurting deeply, never to leave. They fill you with insecurities but get told 'you're nice' and watch how those simple words make a person feel good about themselves.

Anyway, I've ended May on a little high and hope that June will bring a much happier theme to my life.

UPDATE: Our courageous captain for 50k in May just posted this -

We cracked the million! You all totally rock. 

The 48 authors who posted their end-of-challenge totals produced 1,193,431 brand new shinny words. Congratulations to you all.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Slowly Getting Back ...

Have you ever gone through a phase where you have no idea of who you are, where you are or what's happening?

That's me at the moment -things have been so chaotic, so mentally draining since last August. During the past week I think things have finally turned a corner.

The cancer spectre will always be hanging over the family, ready to attack if we're not careful.

But all the other terrible things have appeared to either be resolved or finally come to an end. It's unbelievable how many horrid things have happened in such a short period of time. But we've survived - somehow.

I'm drained.

My family always rely on me to be the strong one and I try hard to keep them happy and take away as much pain and worry as I can but it has it's effects.

I want to curl up in a ball and howl. I want to feel someone's arms around me, holding me tight and telling me everything will be okay. Of course none of that will happen.

I'll do my usual reaction of taking a deep breath and pretending I'm fine. It helps to not have anyone around except the kids. They have no

Anyway, I've immersed myself in writing - written over 80,000 words this month. It's a great way to deal with the pain, the loneliness. I write myself a sexy handsome hero for my make believe world .... hahaha.

So finally I'm slowly getting back to the land of the living.

As well I've vegged out on a couple of series - Sherlock with Martin Freeman. Now that's good. But even better was the first and second series of The Tunnel- the French/English production.

Fabulous acting and great scripts as good as Broadchurch.

It helps to numb the pain by mindlessly watching episode after episode.

The only high spot is my latest book is out and it's reached my publisher's best selling top 5!


Monday, 15 May 2017

Thunderclap ...

If you can spare a minute can you support my Thunderclap campaign for my latest book release?

If I get to my supporters amount then on May 27 just one single post will be made on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account (or all 3 if you support on each).

It will help me to reach a wider audience. Just click the link below. Big thank you!

Book 5 in the Dark Desires series is available for pre-order (15% discount).
OUT: Wednesday, May 17th

* * * * *

In case you're wondering about the last post - yes more rotten stuff - honestly I just wish all these horrid things would go away.

Monday, 8 May 2017

My New Book ...

My latest book is now available for pre-order - 15% discount! Available for download from May 17th.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Feet and Edits ...

My foot is almost back to normal. It's only sore now where the initial wound was and just needs to heal up. It was a scare I can tell you, especially when the doc told me that before antibiotics cellulitis used to kill!

Anyway, I'm putting it all behind me and moving on.

Have my first round of edits back from the publisher to complete. I was rather chuff when I read the editor's comments - there were only minor mechanical revisions to be done. The editor also wrote they loved the story and the way it unfolded with plenty of drama and interest for the reader.

I also discovered I have trouble with 'passed' and 'past'. I though I got them right in the book but there were a few times when I put in the wrong one. One day I learn. It's like Vocative Case with commas -I used to stuff that up as

Anyway, been working on them since the weekend and should have them completed today or tomorrow and sent back to the publisher. Then I will be able to start on my 50k in May - I hope to get one of my WIP finished. Well at least get it all down then ready for the big 'edit' read-through I do when I first finish a MS.

I never actually edit as I go, I'd rather get the story down first of all then go back through it. Usually I end up cutting bits out, adding others, moving chapters around before sending it off to my Beta readers for their opinions.

Younger son is feeling a lot better, his stitches are out and the wound is healing nicely. We all have our fingers crossed that it, the melanoma, and the bowel cancer are things of the past.

Thanks for you best wishes, I've had so many lovely emails! I've passed them on to him and he sends you his sincere thanks.