Saturday, 17 December 2016

Rescue Time ...

The reminder of the rescue squad standing guard
Early this morning I went out to my front yard jungle to trim back one of my wisteria which was invading one of the frangipanni's personal space.

Because I have a lot of native flowering trees, I get a lot of bird visitors coming to feed and this morning was no exception.

While outside a young Rainbow Lorikeet fell out of one of the trees ... Spotty raced for it, I raced for it, the bird tried to hop away from us both. I grabbed Mr Spot and almost threw him back inside the house then went back to trying to capture the bird.  

He or she had wedged itself behind one of the pot plants and it quite obviously was having difficulties.

The baby set up to loudest squawks and soon every bloody Lorikeet in the area arrived. I thought I was going to be attack by a cloud of noisy rainbow death, there were at least 50 birds in the trees on my property all demanding loudly I release the youngster.

I managed grabbed it amid an earful of squawks and screams of the enlarging bird crowd and somehow able to put it up in one of the trees....(if you've ever heard Rainbow Lorikeets you'll know how deafening they can be). 

One of the adults watching me carefully

Unfortunately the baby didn't take too kindly from my rescuing it from the 'jaws of death' (Spotty's) or being on the ground ... it kept biting my finger - hard!

Still I put it back into one of the trees, not knowing if it would survive. It was fully feathered but it was in shock after being chased by a fat cat and a large human, then grabbed. It was breathing very fast and wasn't attempting to fly or stretch out its wings.

Anyway, it was in a tree and my finger was full of bleeding puncture holes, swelling, red and getting darker by the minute - oh and bloody painful!!
Baby preening

Fifteen minutes later and it was now thankfully quiet and there were only four birds hanging around instead of the 50 or so that arrived 'en masse'. Still the baby didn't look very good and I had the feeling it may die from shock.

I locked the cats inside and after cleaning my wounds and covering them in antiseptic I made a cup of tea and sat down. 

An hour later I went back outside to see where the youngster was. Unfortunately he was back on the ground but there were a few adult birds nearby so I figured it best to leave him and went back inside.

Three hours later - RELIEF. The baby bird was now perched high up in one of my trees preening itself, a couple of other birds are nearby. 

The cats are now allowed outside until tonight when they get locked up for bed.

All is now right in my corner of the world..... :)          .....(except for a sore

UPDATE: I ended up going to the Docs on Sunday, my finger was three times it size. Strangely where the bites are is okay - not red or sore but the lower knuckle joint was bright red.
Despite me practically soaking my finger in disinfectant Saturday I'm now on antibiotics and antibiotic cream to rub into the joint.

Sadly baby bird didn't make it either... found it this morning so my rescue effort was all for naught  :(

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