Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nan Tien Temple ...

So I took a drive down to the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple at Berkley in the Wollongong area. Trying to get those K's up on my new car. I often go there, it's always so relaxing and I love it.

Everything was so green. The grounds are beautiful and so clean. I spent a few hours either walking or inside the massive prayer hall of the 5 Buddhas with 10,000 smaller Buddha statues.

Inside the main temple I spent fifteen minutes praying - or rather chanting my mantra and meditating. I use Mali beads to keep track of my chanting.

After I walked down to the smaller prayer hall of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva  (Kuan Yin in Chinese) to think on the Dharma and the Four Truths and meditate more. It's impossible to feel anything but calm and relaxed after being at Nan Tien.

Around 12:30 I was feeling thirsty so went down to the little tea house they have on the grounds rather than the main restaurant which was rather busy.

Ordered some delicious Curry Puffs and a pot of Mountain Blend Tea - both were delicious. I love when you order Chinese teas they come in a small black teapot and the cup is a tiny matching one. They are similar to these but the cup was much, much smaller and more squared.

 Once I finished I went back to where I'd parked my car near the pagoda and went inside to burn incense and go through with my Mali beads again.

If you are ever driving around Wollongong area and have some time to spare take a detour and enjoy the temple - you won't be disappointed.

It is a lift if climbing stairs are hard fully and it is also accessible to wheelchairs.

Around December to February the Lotus Pond is in bloom, unfortunately I was too early to see any flowers but I have been there during the season and it is spectacular.

I took lots of photos that visit of the lovely blooms and fed the greedy fish.

The pond is huge and as well as being filled with lotus plants it is home to hundreds of Koi.

You can stay on the grounds - I've been to meditation retreats there. They also have classes/talks on Buddhism, the Four Truths, Five Precepts, Triple Gem, etc.

On the way home I went the long way via Picton so managed to clock up a few extra kilometres - now have 630 on the clock ... lol. Next week I intend to drive up to Katoomba and that should add another 160.

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