Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chocolate Time ...

My very favourite factory outlet - Lindt Chocolates - had its 50% store wide sale on this long weekend. As I had to feed my son's two dogs while he and the family were in Forster, it made perfect sense (well to me at least) to 'drop' in and buy a few goodies. I mean it wasn't out of the way, I had to pass it.....

.... okay - I went the long way to the kids house but it only added 5 minutes to the usual route. ;)

I have to admit I was a fairly good girl - I didn't spend as much as I have on previous occasions when they had 50%.

Bet you can guess easily that I love hazelnut chocolate and orange chocolate ... lol. Anyway those will last me a long time - I no longer stuff myself silly when I have chocolate, I take my time and savour it over weeks or months.

Some of the things in the outlet aren't available in the shops so you get to sample things you wouldn't normally. The place was packed - I wouldn't mind having their takings for the long weekend ... it would have been a very handy sum.

I also called into Bunnings which had an outlet next door almost to Lindt so the trip wasn't all chocolatey. I needed a new rake - got a steel one with an ergonomic handle - my last one finally fell apart and was sent to the great recyclers in the sky.

I do need to go to IKEA as well which is in the same complex (the Sydney Business Park at Marsden Park which is less than 10 mins away) but I promised my DIL I'd go with her.

Mind you the last time we went I forgot more than I remembered to buy so this time when I go I think I should make a list. Somehow last time even though I forgot a lot somehow my trolley ended up with a lot of things that I hadn't intended on buying.

The whole complex covers 256 hectares with lots of businesses opening every few months. Costco is due to open early next year; JB HiFi is almost ready to open it's doors. The Good Guys, Beacon, Pet Stock, Aldi, Repco, Snooze plus a few dozen other shops are either now open or opening this month.

It's terrible when 3 of your favourite stores are located within walking distance of each other. Now if they'd just open an Art Supplies place in the same complex I'd be a very happy girl.

Of course I'd probably be broke in a short space of time but at least it would be a happy broke... lol.

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