Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bloody Idiot and Birds ...

Was going to take a trip down to Nan Tien through the week to get some kms up on my new car. It's booked in for its 1000km service on the 17th and as I'm lucky to do 4000km a year I figured I better get out and drive.

Anyway I saw that the weather report for Tuesday was warning of dangerous surf conditions so decided to go to the Central Coast instead. I've been wanting to get some dramatic photos of waves crashing on rocks and strong surf. Unfortunately everyone and his dog had the same plan. After driving to beach after beach and not being able to park anywhere I finally managed to get a spot at Shelley Beach.

Got some photos for reference but none that I really liked. Would have preferred to get closer to somewhere with lots of rocks. Still I was absolutely gob-smacked by some of the idiots in the water. Lots of swimmers being sensible and staying between the flags and a lot of people on boards doing the right thing. 

BUT ...

There was this idiot!

He was swimming in between a few large rocky outcrops that was like a washing machine being agitated madly.

In the first photo you can see him right on the edge of an outcrop. The waves were pounding in one after another in quick succession.

If you look very closely at the 2nd pic you'll see a tiny dot where his head is on the left hand side. I have no idea if he managed to get out of the surf unscathed but he was certainly tempting fate.

Anyway next week I'll try for Nan Tien and maybe a run up to Katoomba.

I've been feeding a family of Magpies lately. The parents made the baby (who is as big as them but still without his glossy plumage) stay up in the trees while they fed but over the past couple of days Mum and baby have been feeding on the ground. Dad has disappeared.

Mum calls each morning around nine to let me know it's time for her and the baby eat. Once they've finished they burst into a loud chorus for about 5 minutes ... I like to think they are serenading me and saying thank

Anyway this morning there was an interloper.

A huge Australian Raven (Crow) arrive just as I feed the two Maggies. The baby quickly took to the trees but Mum stared down the interloper. Unfortunately it didn't work, he got stuck into the food then took off only to return a few minutes later with another Raven.

Once they left Mum checked out the bowl only to discovered they'd eaten everything. She stared into the bowl for about a minute then gave me a look that said 'they ate it all' so I filled it up again and she was happy.

A few minutes later the loud brigade started to arrive.

Within ten minutes my callistemon Bottlebrush trees, the melaleuca (Paperbark) tree and the big grevillea tree (Moonlight) were filled with the noisy chatter of Rainbow Lorrikeets. There were around thirty of them all 'talking' at once. I love the colours on these cheeky fellows.

From the back they blend in with the greens of the leaves then they turn or spread their wings and show off their amazing colours!

First thing in the morning, at sunrise, a group arrive.

Between them, the Magpies, a couple of Koels and some Noisy Miners it's impossible to sleep in.

The 'Dawn Chorus' ensures you're awake ... lol. Occasionally a Kookaburra will join them just in case I had an idea to sleep in past 6 o'clock. Then a flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos usually fly over from their night's roosting around 6.30am. They make their presence known by screeching loudly as they fly past.

I love it!!

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