Saturday, 8 October 2016

Best Seller Lists ...

As you know I recently had a new book released.

I was excited to find I'd kept my winning streak of having every book I've released hit the top 10 of my publisher's Best Selling list.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined I'd be rubbing shoulders with some of their best writers - exclusive writers that make between 125k to 1/4 mill each year (plus a couple over that figure). Yet there I was, and am, it made me realise - hell I am an author and must be a fairly good one if readers keep buying my books .... lol

Anyway I logged on the other day and discovered this - I'd made 3 of their lists for Book, Author and Series!

Tymber Dalton is one of their top exclusive authors and there I am - #4 against 3 of her books!

Last year the owner of the publishing house rang me and offered me a contract to be an exclusive writer. I was over the moon and she gave me a week to consider the offer and go over the contract.

I was sorely tempted but at my age I didn't want to commit to writing a specific number of books in one genre each year for the next 5 years so in the end I declined. I think if I'd been in my 40s I would have jumped at the chance but late 60s ... nah.

Anyway money isn't all that important to me - as long as I have enough to pay my bills and keep me supplied in art gear I'm very happy. I've never been someone who likes to see the money roll in, I'm not really materialistic - there are too many things that are far better than money and are free.

I suppose some people can't understand why I'd knock back a guaranteed 125k a year (and that was the minimum starting figure). Some of you reading this would say I'm completely nuts but like I said I'm happy as I am.  I can write when I feel like it without the pressure of knowing I have to.

In the end I've decided to bring out one book a year. I honestly appreciate the wonderful offer, not just because of the money side but because of what it represented - it meant the publishing house considered I would be a valuable asset to them, that I am an author whose books are easily marketable. It means they think I'm good and that means a hell of a lot.

Anyway now I've finished blowing my own trumpet I'll shut up ... everyone deserves to get on the self-promotional bandwaggon every now and again.... lol

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