Thursday, 22 September 2016

Of Mice and Men - well mice (and rats) ....

Makes sense - the school holidays are coming up and I am having my eldest grandson for a week as usual. And as usual the weather predicted is not crash hot - more rain and showers than sunshine.

Same thing happened last time he was here but we vegged out on movies. Went and bought a few DVDs and worked our way through them. Looks like it might be a similar week this time around.

Hopefully the weather is good enough one evening so we can go to the drive-in ... missed out last time. The Secret Life of Pets is on from next Thursday so hopefully Thursday or Friday aren't raining.

My latest book comes out tomorrow - 22nd which is today here Downunder but as my publisher is US based it won't be available till tomorrow. It's sitting at #7 on the Best Selling list ... yipee!

I've spent most of the week doing the publicity thing - social media, getting other authors to host promo stuff, etc - so hopefully it all pays off and the book sells well.

Usually sells more copies once it hits the 3rd party sites like Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and the like - oh and I get a better payment too ... lol. Get 50% of the sale price from 3rd party sellers rather than 40% from the publisher.

Much as I love the feel of a real book, authors just don't get much (5% for me). Too many others have their hands out to get a share.

Cali likes to sit alongside me while I work on the laptop. Decided to see what would happen if I played a video of a pretend mouse wandering across the screen

As you can see she wanted to catch it, she tried so hard. Even going behind the laptop when it run off the screen. Alas she was as successful in hunting pretend mice as she is in real life. Never caught a thing!

She did almost catch a moth once but it fluttered its wings and she jumped off in fright ... lol.

Spotty, on the other hand, hunts all the time. Thankfully he never kills anything, just brings his trophies in for me to rescue and return outside. Once he brought home a bunny! I thought he had a stuffed toy and got the biggest shock when I picked up once he dropped it at my feet.

I took it down the road to Featherdale Wildlife park and as far as I know it's still living there happily without fear of a big fat cat carry it around.

He did drop a mouse once that ran behind a cupboard before I could catch it (yes I did get it later). He and Cali spent hours sitting at the cupboard waiting for it to poke its nose out but it was too smart.

One day Spot caught a Bush Rat... I carefully put it back outside. Unfortunately it discovered the cat door and kept coming inside throughout the night. As fast as I'd catch it and put it out the front door within the hour it would work it's way round the back and inside again. I ended up taking that down to Featherdale as well.

Never a dull moment with him around (in case you wonder both cats get locked up at night).

Big thanks to those who emailed me after my last posting - really appreciated your kind thoughts - it's always nice to hear from you.

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