Friday, 16 September 2016

I'm Baacckkkk.......

I'm back - did you miss me? 

Probably didn't even notice I hadn't posted anything since July ... lol

Been out of action but I guess we can't all have perfect health or perfect lives - although it would be Still you learn to adapt and accept the good news with the bad.
The Four Legendary Kingdoms: A Jack West Jr Novel 4 - Matthew Reilly
On top of that one of my sons had a lump removed that turned out to be the nasty C word. Doc thinks he has it all out but only time will tell. Have to keep our fingers crossed for good news each time he goes back for check-ups. Damn unfair when young people have to face such horrid things.

I'm keeping a positive attitude - what else it there?

One of my favourite authors, Matthew Reilly, has a new book coming out on 18 of October and I can't wait! The Four Legendary Kingdoms is the 4th book in a series and this has been a long time coming. Book 3 was out November 2012 so 4 years has dragged. I've pre-ordered it - can hardly wait.

In preparation for its release I'm re-reading the previous 3 books He's is such a great writer. His last book The Great Zoo of China was fabulous, but then I'm biased and love all his works.

Matthew Reilly is an Australian writer whose books are filled with page by page action. Most stories are set over a few days and are so fast paced - I just love them!

I'm friends with him on Facebook and love seeing the area he works in. He owns and drives a DeLorean DMC-12, the car made famous in the Back to the Future movies. He also has a life-sized Han Solo in carbonite hanging on the wall of his office as well as lots of other movie trinkets.

I also have a new book coming out at the end of the month. Haven't written much during the past 12 months but I'm trying to bring out one book a year. This book will be my 17th. It came out on pre-order on Tuesday and already it's made my publisher's Best Selling list - at the moment it's #17 ... I'm so excited. 

That means every book I've written and had published has made the list and everyone has been in the top 20. I've had a few #1's and 2s and except for this one all have been in the top 5.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become an author let alone have books that are #1 on Best Selling Lists. I've even made Amazon's Top 10!

Changed my hair again - had been growing it but got fed up with it so cut it off. As well I've gone for a blend of colours - 7 to be exact. Different shades of pink, purple and I love it, so does my hairdresser. Each month when I go in she gets excited because she knows she gets to do outlandish colours.

Anyway - for those that did notice I've been MIA, thanks and hello again :)  Drop me an email and say 'hi' ... or join me on Facebook.

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