Sunday, 31 July 2016

Medical Update ...

View from my hospital bed yesterday ... thankfully I'm home now.

Doc did my surgery via laparoscopy so I have 4 cuts that look like stab wounds .... lol.

Very tender and hurts when I move but apart from that I feel okay. Worst part is no driving for 7 days and no lifting for 7 weeks,

Next to be read shelf
That means I can't go to my Life Studies Painting/drawing club each Saturday ... boohoo! I will have to wait until after the next school holidays before I can go again. (We don't hold the group during the hols.)

Of course there is good news .... doc said it didn't look like anything nasty although I won't get the biopsy results until I see him in 3 weeks. He did say the whole area was very inflamed and red - so I really needed the surgery as quickly as it happened.

Anyway the worst is over now and I just have to take things easy for 7 weeks.

So now I have a pile of books to devour, my laptop to write or play games on and a big supply of Chinese White tea to drink .... lol

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