Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Few Books to Read ...

Next to Read
Been on a reading spree since I came home from Kiama. My bookcases are now overflowing and I'm trying to figure out where I can put another one to cope with my ever increasing library.

I love murder mysteries and always on the lookout for new authors. Authors like Karin Slaughter, Jeffrey Deaver, Kava, Kellerman, Reichs ... the list for me goes on and on.

I discovered Lars Kepler in Kiama and have been devouring his work. As well I read the first three Miss Fisher murders books and fell in love.

I managed to pick up another 11 of the Miss Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood on Ebay and will keep my eyes open for the remainder. Fortunately I have the next 7 in the series so hopefully I find book 10 by the time I'm finished the previous ones.

Anyway I now I have a few more books to read as you can see.

This is my 'next to read' pile. I also have a 'read soon' pile which is probably five times bigger and then there are all the thousands of ebooks I still haven't read. ;)

On top of all that my own books are slowly coming out in paperback so they can now sit on the shelf so I can gloat....lol. But of course it means more space taken on my bookshelves.

I just finished Jeffrey Deaver's Steel Kiss so I'm now up to date with his Lincoln Rhyme and Katherine Dance books.

Picked up another copy of Stephen Hawking's History of Time. This time I bought a Briefer History - the newer version of his classic.

Been watching his 6 part series - Genius. That man is absolutely amazing and you can't help but get caught up in the love of physics.

Also discovered that my favourite aussie author - Matthew Reilly - has a book coming out in mid October - the next in the Jack West series.... The Four Legendary Kingdoms.  It's been a very long time since he released book three - November 2012 - so this book will be eagerly anticipated.

Anyway I now off to read a few chapters of Phyrne Fisher before I edit a few chapters of own next book.

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