Monday, 30 May 2016

Cancer, Macro Photos, Life Study Models ....

Just gave a huge sigh of relief - so loud it's a wonder it wasn't heard around the  After weeks of tests, prodding and poking, giving enough blood to satisfy even the hungriest vampire, my doctor told me this morning that there is no cancer. He had been worried by a lump he found hence my weeks of tests.

This morning I had the final round of tests and I get the results from them next Monday but my doc is 99.9% confident that they will come back normal.

It's amazing what feelings that dreaded 'C' word brings up - been such a stressful few weeks. Tried to ignore it and remain positive but it hangs over you. Now I am dancing around the house laughing - Fozzie thinks I've gone nuts (or even nuttier than usual).

Of course I never told anyone - hate causing anxiety to others - so I just kept my scary feelings, my nightmares, to myself. I am a private person despite writing a blog, guess the blog is a kind of pressure release valve ... lol

So now I can get back to what is considered normal for me.

Been going through my photo from the Kiama trip and think some are very good. One of the lenses I bought was a Macro lens and I want to do some more work with it. Think a day outing is in order soon.

The cold weather is finally poking its nose in the door - it's hovering around 14c today after dropping to 2c overnight. Still it's a lot warmer than usual with 22c predicted for the end of the week.

5 min
My life studies group has been dwindling of late - maybe because of the cooler weather - but I am really enjoying it. I've found I'm now painting directly with the shorter poses, still doing pencil sketches for the ones up to 5 mins but using watercolour for the rest.

5 mins
Had a new female model who was delightful. She was a full figure woman probably in her 40s but was an excellent model. She gave some amazing poses and I've been told I can get her again.

My favourite male model was doing his usual tricks - giving me a lot of challenging fore-shortened poses. He knows how much I hate them but in a strange way I really love doing them.

Rather contradictory I know but the challenge of trying to get the pose onto paper is something I love.

Funny how some models are so good and others ... well - mediocre.

Haven't done any writing for a while. Have one story written - 95k words - and to the 'tidy up' stage but just haven't got my mojo.

Decided to not worry about it and take a break. No use forcing something when it just isn't necessary at all. My books are still selling - not a huge amount but enough to make me smile when I get my qaurterly royalties ... lol.

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