Friday, 22 April 2016

New Camera (at last) ...


Finally I've bought a new camera.  Bet you all thought I'd never do it. All those years of procrastinating... lol.

Got a Canon EOS 760D.

As it's a new camera out I was able to get an introductory deal. Got the camera body, a remote control, a camera bag and a EF-S 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.

The deal was $250 cheaper than buying it all separately.
Kept my zoom lens because it's compatible but I did lash out for two extra lenses.

Got a Tamron Ultrawide 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 for landscape photos and a Tamron Macro SP90mm F/2.8 lens for when you just have to take a real close up of something special.

I added an extra battery, a 64gig memory card as well as filters for each lens. The nice salegirl gave me an extra discount of $200 because I spent so much money .... *snicker*

I won't be using the camera bag - too small to fit all my lenses in but I already had a very large bag so they will all fit in very nicely.

Mind you it now weighs a ton so I expect I will gain some extra muscle on my flabby arms ... rotfl.

I can hardly wait until I go away to have a really good play with it. I'll probably keep the local inhabitants amused as I swap lenses back and forth.

Stay tuned for masses of photographs of rocks, waves, sand and trees ... lol.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Portrait Workshop ....

Well the portrait workshop is over and done.I really enjoyed myself.There were only18 other people there so it was a nice number.

The presenter was fabulous. She, Kristin Hardiman, was down-to-earth and very approachable. Because there were a number of people there who had never lifted a paintbrush she decided it was best to start with the basics. She knew those of us who painted regularly wouldn't mind. I don't think anyone who paints would mind refreshing their knowledge.

We were given 8 colours - warm cool of red, yellow and blue plus white and black.  It reminded me of my father. I learnt to paint using the 3 primaries and white. I can remember pleading with my father to let me have other colours but he stuck to his

It was fun to see some of the newbies puzzle when she told them every colour could be made from those 3 primaries.

For those who hadn't learnt she showed them how to mix skin tones then we all had to make various tones. After that was discussing proportions, golden radio and composition.

Next job was for each of us to sketch out our portrait pics - there really wasn't enough time to do things properly. Then it was time to slap on the paint. We just had to do as much as we could in the time we had left.

Each of us had been told to bring along a photograph to work from. I'd chosen a very interesting portrait of an elderly Irani man.  I liked all the wrinkles and the pose. Rather than a person facing the camera he was caught unawares.

The only downside was it that we were to use acrylics - I rarely use them for some reason.  Think it's because they dry on the palette too quickly and you can't work them on the canvas either. Give me my watercolours any day ... lol.

Even though we were there for hours there just wasn't enough time to complete the piece. The first hour and half was just listening to Kristin, then the second to third was the mixing stuff and other details. 

It didn't leave much time for the actual painting stage. I managed to get the base on but it still needs a few hours work. As you can see there are only the bones in it. Think we only had an hour or so to do the actual painting part of the workshop, by the time we had breaks etc.

Anyway it confirmed that I really dislike acrylics. Maybe one day I'll do the same portrait in watercolours and actually finish it.

Ah it's so nice not to see any stupid comments on my blog ...

Sshh ... at the same time last week as I treated that person as spam I added their ID and email address to my website, emails and other social media platforms as spam so I don't have to worry about getting any messages through them either.

Since then their comments, emails, etc will forever float down into the great Internet garbage bin without me ever laying eyes on  Peace at last.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Comments, Climate, Catnip ... and The Doctor

I've changed the way people can post comments. From now on all comments will be moderated. I have already marked one person's ID as spam which means it is automatically deleted and thankfully I never see it.  I hope I don't have to do it to anyone else.

I enjoy reading your comments but not when they become tiresome.

I just checked the weather forecast hoping we are finally heading for some cool autumn days. Unfortunately there are none on the horizon.

In fact the temps are going up again!

Last month (March) was the hottest on record for Australia and the way things are going it looks like April might do the same.

I wonder what the weather will be like when I go away in May?

Not much good looking at the average temps because they seem to be getting thrown in the rubbish bin.

At least I'll have the Tasman Sea at my doorstep, just hope I get one day of wind and rough surf to photograph.

When I work on my laptop I've found that Cali usually joins me. I have an old baby blanket alongside that she likes to sleep on. Occasionally Mr Spot will lie there too although he'd much rather sit on my lap.

I bought some catnip for them both. Cali wasn't impressed. Gave it one sniff then walked away. Spotty, on the other hand, found it wonderful. After rubbing himself in it he climbed up and tried crawling onto my computer.

Then he jumped down and rolled in it some more before suddenly falling asleep. It was really funny. I'll just have to make sure I hid the catnip from him ... lol.

Younger son and family went to the Royal Easter show - look at what they bought me as an Easter gift!

I am a great Doctor Who fan - have so many bits and pieces as well as my TARDIS door to the studio. They have bought me goodies before like a TARDIS cookie box that plays the theme when you open the lid and a bobble-headed 10th Doctor.

Winter time I have my 4th Doctor really long scarf to keep me warm when I go

Wish I could get my hands on a life sized Dalek... still dreaming.