Monday, 21 March 2016

Ski Flying ...

I've got hooked on watching mens' Ski Jumping and Ski Flying. Last night the season ended so I'll probably have withdrawal symptoms for a while but at least I'll get to bed at a decent hour.

I've sat on the edge of my seat watching them fly, amazed at the distances they cover.

Early in the season I found myself favouring the oldest competitor - Japanese flyer Noriaki Kasai. He actually holds the record for the most individual starts - 501 and this has been his 27th season.
 He won silver at the 2014 Olympics.  He also holds the record for the longest jump for over 35s - 240.5m (789 ft).

So I really wanted him to have a podium finish. He did a few 3rds during the season but not enough to get him onto the podium at the end. Still he finished 8th overall, 5th in Ski Flying, Japan took 5th in the Nations Cup and he took 7th in the Four Hills Tournament.

The season was all Peter Prevc - he blew me away.  He actually got 1139.4 points which was the most ever. He also became the first flyer to win the title  3 years in a row.

He took #1 in everything except the Nations Cup where Slovenia came in 2nd behind Norway.

So now I have to find a new obsession to watch ... or else just catch up with the thousands of books I have and need to read ... lol

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  1. I love watching ski jumping and flying. So amazing! I haven't been watching. :( Too much to do atm.