Saturday, 12 March 2016

Klutz ....

I've always known what a klutz I am - if something can be dropped, knocked, walked into, destroyed then I am the one who'll probably do it unintentionally. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll agree.

Anyway back to my tale - as you know each Saturday I work with a nude model. Because I prefer to paint my studies naturally I have a jar of water in front of me. Each week I tell myself to remember I have a jar of water and to be careful. Each week I somehow manage to listen.

So this week - stop for a 15 minute break to give the model, David, a chance to stretch out his kinks and to have a drink. Made myself a cup of Chinese White tea (you know the tea you drink black Anyway drank about 3/4 and set it on the little table I use in the hired studio.

So back to work.

David does a couple of 10 minute poses then he'll do some 30 minute one. So I'm working on the 10 minute one - completely absorbed in what I'm doing .... yep you guessed it I imagine.

I go to dip my paintbrush in my tea instead of the water. Tried to do a fancy save but instead managed to send the rest of my tea flying. All over the table, all over the floor near me. Spent the 10 minutes wiping and washing up instead of painting.

I'm sure next time I have a cuppa I'll either finish it or else put it somewhere safe - like in the next room!

My other fear is singing out loud.

I plug my earphones into my iPod and let it rip. At home I always have music blasting out when I paint or write. My iPod goes on first thing in the morning and it gets turned off when my computer does at night. I plug it into a set of speakers hanging on the wall in the studio.

So anyway back to Saturdays when I go out to paint. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not at home and not burst into terrible out of tune singing...

I know I'd be banned if anyone heard me 'sing'.... lol

Who else out there in blog land is clumsy? Who else has to constantly remind themselves not to trip, walk into things, not drop stuff.


  1. Gee, weird comment, Wayne Smith. You are obviously not an artist. In fact, if you made that sort of comment to me on any of my art classes, I would label you as a creepy guy to be avoided. Totally inappropriate and just outright weird!

    Suzy, I dip my brush in my drinks frequently! LOL Not at all a good idea if I am working in oils hehe. Turps tea does not taste good, and it doesn't do much for the brush until it is dried and cleaned, either. Fortunately, I haven't knocked over my tea. I have splashed water accidentally over paper. :(
    Singing - no problem. I hum. hahaha

  2. Wayne Smith, if that is your "sense of humour" then I have no wish to know you! It's insulting, degrading, and totally NOT funny. I have shared this with some art friends (male and female) and they ALL agree with me. They would be insulted if anyone said those things to them. One even said he is sick of idiots making suggestive remarks at him painting from models. He calls them The Dickless Prats.

  3. Wow someone just insulted an artist big time! What a jerk