Tuesday, 8 March 2016

IKEA and Lindt Chocolates ....

So I took a trip to IKEA - now that it's only 8 minutes away I can indulge in wandering through their marketplace whenever the urge takes me.  I wanted a new wooden chopping board and found an enormous one there for only $19.

Also bought a smaller one to put the kettle on. So after wandering around and buying a few items I left IKEA and headed down the road.

Now almost opposite IKEA is the new Lindt chocolate factory outlet shop.  I figured I'd better go in and do a little research on chocolate flavours.

It's a real smorgasbord of delights.

Oh where to start!!!

The hardest part wasn't starting it was stopping!  With every item they make just sitting there begging to be bought it's almost impossible to walk in and ignore them.

So of course I didn't.

The staff were very friendly and helpful.  I had selected a few handfuls of the round Lindt Lindor balls - they have small and medium sized bags for you to fill up. When I took them to the counter the nice man told me if I was to purchase an empty box (there are 2 sizes) I could actually stuff more in because they didn't go by weight.

Naturally I bought 2 boxes - one of each size.

Turns out by buying them that way I saved almost $40 ... the guy weighed them and gave me the price. So if you are going to indulge and like me can't stop at a couple of handfuls consider buying one or two of the empty boxes. I have to tell you I stuff them in so well ..... lol.

On top of the Lindor balls, they had bars of chocolate, boxes of pralines, chocolates and seasonal boxes and gifts (like Xmas stuff or Easter).

I also bought some drinking chocolate - little flakes of pure indulgence.

Now all those chocolates weren't just for me in case you're wondering but my pantry does have some yummy things in it now. (In case you think the larger box looks a bit empty that's because my DIL and I had to sample all the new flavours before I remembered to take a photo).

Had to take a picture of a couple of blocks plus some unbelievably delicious orange thins -they are to die for - on my new wooden board just to show the size of the chopping block.

Just might have to take a trip there again soon - maybe in the April school holidays when my grandson comes for a week, I think he would absolutely love seeing all that chocolate .... ;)

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