Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bath Time

They say you should save water and shower with a friend ....

So Fozzie had a bath with a friend the other day.

Pippi is scared of baths - just like Fozz - so my lovely groomer decided to try them both together.

Fozz looked at Pippi as if to say "Don't cry. I"ll look after you mate."

Now I'm not really sure which one of them cried the most but at least when it was all over they both looked pretty spiffy.

Look at the difference in size!  Pippi is full grown and Fozz is a labradoodle so he has plenty of poodle in him.

Fozzie got shaved down in December to help him
cope with the heat - he is slowly getting his long curly coat back. By the colder weather he'll be all thick and warm again.

Pippi looked twice his size after the blow-dry ... all primped and read for action.

It was all too exhausting - Fozz had to catch up on this sleep when he came inside after it.

It's his birthday this month - 11 years old - so I guess we can understand the need to rest after such a tiring ordeal ... lol

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