Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Memories ....

It always surprises me how the brain works. How we can forget things, remember things, remember things differently to the way they actually occurred - I guess it's all a part of how we cope with things.

I thought about this lately when something that had happened a few years back was brought to my attention. The person who reminded me obviously had either forgotten the truth or had changed it completely in their memory.

Their version actually didn't take into account how over a period of many months maybe years after we parted company some very hurtful, hateful and cruel things were said and written to me by them.

Now maybe this was part of their mechanism for coping with things that happen but it reminded me that everyone sees things in a completely different manner. While this person had obviously ignored or forgotten what they had done, I painfully remembered it all. Yet they wondered why I didn't want to remain friends or have contact.

It got me thinking about the brain. About how we handle information, how our memories can become distorted or ignored.

I recently saw a documentary that showed a number of people the same thing. They were asked to describe it immediately after then a week later. It was amazing to see how some changed what they saw to something entirely different yet others were able to accurately describe the event.

Anyway it just goes to show how some people will change the past to suit themselves but others will recall it with painful accuracy.   Me ... I remember and I won't forget the lesson. Who needs friends like that? Definitely not me.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, Soozii! People do see things differently. Sometimes people do deliberately distort the truth, too. Sometimes, to gloss over how things really were, either because the event was too traumatic, or because their part in it is too shameful to think about. Then there are those (fortunately few) who "rewrite" the truth deliberately, so they can manipulate others, abuse them mentally. Sometimes you see that in cases of domestic abuse where there is no violence. Then, of course, you have the ones who are such compulsive liars they eventually convince themselves! I knew one of them when I was in my teens. Even presented with evidence they didn't believe the real truth. Sad.