Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Life Studies gear ...

Thoroughly enjoying my Life Studies club.

My very favourite female model is still posing which made me very happy when I went last Saturday and discovered she was to be the model for the day.

The week before we had a male model - a new one for me. I found his poses to be very interesting. They were very challenging. Spoke to him between sessions and after and he told me he's only been posing for 3 years. He also added that he likes to think of poses that will be interesting to the artist - he was damn right with that.

From where I had set up two of his poses meant he was foreshortened and that's always a real headache trying to get them down looking anatomically correct.

Once we hit the 5 minute poses I switch over to water colour. I find it a good medium to work with especially for this. I don't sketch an outline I just let the paint go as it will.

Last time I was in the club I made my own watercolour book and decided to do the same again this time around.  I still haven't been able to find an A4 book with 300gsm pages. You can buy pads with a few sheets in them but I want something that will last me at least 2 terms.

When I made it beforewith only 200gsm and it just wasn't thick enough, the paper tended to buckle. This time it's 300gsm.

I've packed some soft pastels in a container to take next week. I find pastels excellent for skin tones. I did a series of self-studies a few years back and love the translucent effect you get with soft pastels.

So now my burgeoning bag is bursting at the seams - I've also added a pastel pad. I have to carry all my pads and sketch book in a tote while all my gear is in my bag.

 On the subject of my bag - I bought a fabulous real leather laptop bag specifically to use for art. It's perfect to fit everything in. I love it. Expensive but well worth the cost.

I've actually ordered a large overnight leather bag from the same place. Should get it by the end of the month.  I'll use it when I go away in May and of course I'll be taking all my painting gear as well as my Surface Pro to write on.

So that's my plan - just have to execute it .... lol

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