Friday, 19 February 2016

Coloured Pencils ...

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know as well as being an author, I am first and foremost an artist.

Not only am I an artist but I am addicted to art supplies - paintbrushes, paints, charcoal, pencils ... you name it I have to have it, usually in multiple quantities.

A look at a small part of SOME of my paintbrush collection gives you an idea of my addiction.

Anyway a few years back I decided to start using coloured pencils so I snagged myself a bargain and got 120 Prismacolor pencils on Ebay. That kind of started the coloured pencil obsession. I already had a full set of Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils so I could add these to my ever growing collection.

So over a few years I've added to my supply of them as you can see (that pic is only part of

Now last week I saw someone was selling 120 Prismacolor pencils for half price!

Now some places out here sell them for as much as $430 and the average price is around $300-400 so when I saw the price I started coveting them. I mean ... $180 for pencils worth over double that!

Anyway this morning my lovely delivery man handed me a large package - I raced inside and tore it open.

Mmm pencils.

Mmm pretty coloured pencils.

Mmm pretty, pretty coloured pencils.

After I got over the initial hit of seeing and touching them, I took their picture (as you do).

Let's face it. Aren't they pretty?

So many colours. I just know they are going to love living here with all my hundreds of other coloured pencils .... *snicker*

Hello. My name is Suzy and I have an addiction ..... hahaha

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