Monday, 18 January 2016

Five Star Review ....

Just got a 5 Star Review for my latest book.

I love when my readers contact me or give honest reviews and this review was simply perfect.  I always try to make my characters 'normal' with flaws and vulnerabilities then hope that my readers can relate.  The fact that my characters are 'mature' and have faults seem to be to be more natural.

I try to have some point where the emotions override everything and if I succeed and have my readers reaching for the tissues or wanting to give someone a good shake then it makes me one very happy author.

When I get a review like this I know I did something right!

"Suzy Shearer has done it again! She has woven a tale of love, heartbreak and second chances that left me reaching for the tissues multiple times. She certainly knows how to write characters that will leave you in tears or ready to slap them up side the head. 

Alex has been described by his subs as having a frozen heart. He doesn't allow himself or his subs to become emotionally attached to each other for fear of getting hurt. That is, until he meets Kallie. She has captivated him just with her voice alone. Their first meeting has him reacting like he never has before and it throws him completely off. He doesn't know what to do. The reader gets to see a vulnerable and emotional side to a Dom and man that routinely is not present in a book of this genre. 

Kallie slowly gets to know the real Alex, after a bad start with him, and falls in love. Old fears come up again and with them brings back the old Alex. Kallie can only cope with old Alex for so long though. A series of tragic events will leave the reader on the edge of their seats to see if this couple will make their love last. Have tissues ready for multiple points throughout this book!!"

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