Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Better Late Than Never....

I'm laughing ...

Back in March of 2014 I tried, unsuccessfully, to get in contact with the Taxation department. I wanted to know the figure I needed to earn from my royalties before I would have to put in a tax return.

After hanging on the phone for hours and getting absolutely nowhere I ended up writing a letter as suggested on the ATO website.  I figured it may take a couple of months for an answer but at least I would have it from the 'horses mouth'.

Yep. Waited two months and got - no answer.

In the end I contacted a very nice accountant and she gave me the information I needed in less than a minute - $32k - now I had a figure.  Until I reached that amount I didn't need to put in a return because I was now over 60.

This morning - yes its January of 2016 - I get a phone call from the ATO in answer to my March 2014 letter!

Man I've heard of a backlog but that's ridiculous.

Anyway the man confirmed what I already knew that I had to earn $32k before I needed to put in a return. I thanked him silently laughing.

He then proceeded to tell me they - the ATO-  hadn't received returns for 2010 to 2014 but he could see I was eligible for tax free since 2010 as I was over 60 so he would mark my file for those years as such. I politely thanked him again and wondered 'WTF?'

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief - almost 2 years to get an answer? Bloody hell ....

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