Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 ... Hope Yours Is A Great One!

I never make New Year resolutions - always break them before the end of January ... sometimes before the end of the first week ... *snicker*

So this year I have no resolution once again but instead I'm hoping it will be a vast improvement the last couple health wise.

This time three years ago I was sitting in a hospital bed after having a 2.4kg mass removed and I was feeling pretty awful. It took over 8 months to recover but at least now all I have to show for it is a 20cm long scar and no belly button ... lol.

The following year I spent the year having to take antibiotics for 10 months.  Then last year I was diagnosed with PFX syndrome in my left eye. Hopefully all that is behind me and that it was my last hospital stay and last bout of health problems.

I guess it's all a part of growing older - just not the part I enjoy!

So apart from hoping I stay healthy I don't really have any real desires for the new year. Maybe it would be nice to meet a male friend as well I hope to have another book published, take a holiday and do some more painting. Hope my family stay healthy, happy and safe.

Simple desires - that's about it.

Of course winning the Powerball or Ozlotto would be very nice as well ..... bwahaha.

Anyway I hope your 2016 brings you all your hopes and dreams and you remain healthy and happy.

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