Thursday, 10 December 2015

Drawing Goodies, Books and Dogs

I just found this .... have to admit if I'd seen it when it was available I would have bought one. It would have cost be about $2500 but boy would it be worth it!!

Limited edition all numbered but look what's inside!

You can check it out much better at this youtube video :

I have this thing for anything arty - and this is up there at the apex of the arty things ... lol.

I can't resist at all. Whenever I go into an Art shop I know I'll walk out with a hell of a lot more than I intended too. Go in for one brush and I'll come out with a dozen, plus tubes of paint, maybe a few sheets of paper, maybe a watercolour pad or two. Oh and of course I might need a few more pencils. Oh and what about a kneadable eraser or three .... you get the picture.

I have two book releases this month - one on the 9th .... Melting Her Dom's Heart and the other on the 14th.

Melting Her Dom's Heart is the 3rd book in my Dark Desires series - I've been very lucky with how the series has sold.  Book 3 is only just released and already hit #5 on my publishers Best Sellers List.

Buy link :

It tells the story of a man who's afraid to show love and a woman who tries to break through the frozen exterior and into his heart.

The boxset I was invited to write for is all finished and ready for release on 14th.

Seven authors have written short stories for the anthology - all about paranormal heroes and heroines.

My story runs to about 120 pages. It's called Blood War.  At the centre of it all is a human woman who has the rarest blood type in the world - RH null. Two vampire brothers. One who will do everything he can to protect her and his mate and the other who wants to destroy her and control the immortal world.

Buy link :

My younger son and family are in Fiji at the moment and I have the task of running the office - they both have their own very successful businesses.

Been 15 years since I worked and this has been fun being a secretary.  As well as looking after the office I have their two dogs ... one a pug called Gizmo and the other a very tiny Shitzu cross called Jasmin. She's about the size of a chihuahua.

She spends all day jumping at the side door and barking at Fozzie or the cats.

My yard is now divided. Their dogs have the covered BBQ area and Fozz has the back yard and house.  why?

Well Gizmo just wants to play with Fozzie but Jasmin .... well Jasmin wants to eat him. As soon as she seems him she goes crazy. Barking and trying to attack.

And Fozz?

Well Fozzie is terrified of this little bundle of barking hell....bwahahaha.

Gizzie is too laid back to worry - anyway he'd much rather tear the inside out of his bedding, or bark at raindrops and shadows than bother with the others.

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