Thursday, 19 November 2015

Books and Planes - and maybe Change .....

Well I only managed to get to book #16 in Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series even though I have the whole series. 
I finished book 14. The exciting climax ... the hero and heroine (the recurring characters Scarpetta & Benton) are in a hospital room with a convicted killer who has been working with Benton. Suddenly he wraps a noose around Scarpetta's neck and pulls her away tightening the noose all the while. Much drama as he drags her off strangling her.

The chapter ends - as it should on this scary hook.

Next chapter - Scarpetta and Benton are in a frigging car driving along having a conversation about someone else!!! WTF?? Three pages into the chapter there is a brief paragraph saying she passed out and the guards had gotten the baddie off her? That's it???

I can't imagine a publisher allowing that to a rookie author so why the hell would they not have a quiet word in her ear?

I found it really lacking so I went onto Goodreads. Talk about an eye-opener. For all of her books from 14 onward except 23 the first page of reviews are all either one star or none.

Everyone had the same thing to say and I ended up reading reviews for the 9 books I have left. They all basically said the same thing. It surprised me in a way because (yes I agreed with them) I would image Patricia Cornwell's PA or someone like her editor would have been reading at least some of them and realised that hundreds of people were all complaining about the same thing. The characters, the headhopping, the changes of tense mid sentence. The way she was taking her lead characters that made them so depressive. She was also not explaining how things happened - she writes something occurred that has a major effect on the story but then you never read about it again.

Anyway its almost as if she is just writing anything because she knows she had a huge fanbase and couldn't give a shit.  It was only in her latest book that people were giving 4 and 5 stars and saying she's gone back to her roots. 

I understand that you can't always pull out an amazing book especially since I started publishing but you would think that to have so many books given negative reviews by your fans you would start to pay attention. Bloody interesting - just shows that some authors the bigger they get the less they care.

Anyway rant over.  

So I dug out my Kathy Reich books there are 20 in the series and I had the first 10. I haunted my favourite online 2nd hand bookstore - Leura Books - and found 7 of the 10 then 2 more on ebay. Only need to buy a copy of Flash and Bones from wherever I can to complete my set.

Up to book #5 - Grave Secrets.  So much better than Patricia Cornwell!

Saw Cats on Saturday night - it was fabulous!

I wasn't sure if Delta Goodrem would be up to the standard singing Memory - but WOW ... she blew the theatre away.

Absolutely stunning.

Had a great seat on the aisle just 10 rows from the front. Had a 'cat' come and stare at me for a full minute just centimetres from my face at one point. At another I had to pat one of the 'cats' while another time one was brushing past me rubbing my arm.

Great audience interaction - some poor lady close to the front didn't see a cat beside her until he brushed against her. She let out a scream that shook the place. It was so funny - from then on whenever a cat came into the audience they made sure to rub against her.... teehee.

Just saw some reports on the new airport for Badgery's Creek - I'm not happy.

There are several plans for the runway alignment and one will mean the planes land and take of facing Blacktown. Another had them facing the beautiful mountains and a 3rd has them facing Penrith.

Regardless of which way I am sure this is going to impact on Western Sydney very badly.

Not only by noise. There is lousy infrastructure out here. The damn thing is going to run 24/7 - no curfews with at least 1000 aircraft movements a day. You can check out some info about it here and here.

Not happy Jan.  I know it won't be up and running until around 2026 but that doesn't really help.

All it does it add to the growing list of reasons I should move up to Lake Macquarie. It will be hard to uproot after living in the same house for 40 years but at the same time it will be a real adventure and who knows I might have some sexy hunky single male neighbours ..... *wink wink*.  Might even start my dating career again although I'm so out of touch with it. No dates for years .... lol... but it would be nice.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Books, Head Banging in Frustration ....

Working my way through Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetti series - up to book #14 Predator. My favourite 2nd hand bookstore closed but I was able to buy most of the series before they shut the shop.

I'm thinking when I finish the series I'll read the Kathy Reich's books that I haven't got round to starting.  Recently worked my way through Ngaio Marsh and then Dorothy Sayers books.

Between reading I've been working on another MS - it's kind of stalled at the moment so I decided to go back to one I started at the beginning of the year. Had a few new ideas for it so woke up yesterday morning all fired up and ready to go.


Everywhere I looked on my computer, my external hard drive and Dropbox there was no sign of it.  It was as if it never existed and I had this weird feeling that perhaps I'd dreamt the whole thing. But no, I did find my 'inspiration' folder for it.

As I write I tend to scour the Internet for things - in this case it was the plans of a house. So obviously I hadn't had some weird crazy dream, obviously I'd started writing.  Then I remembered around June/July I'd had a major cleanup on my laptop.

I was now fill with dread ... at some point I'd actually deleted the folder that had the book in it. I know I'd written at least 25k of words.

Downloaded a program that could search your drives and locate deleted stuff as long as it hadn't been written over.

Searched the partitioned hard drives, search the external back up drives, search the Dropbox - nothing. Mind you it did bring up lots of stuff but not the one thing I wanted. Yes ... before you ask I do a backup on an external drive BUT I saved the MS on the backup drive and on Dropbox so the backup didn't include the backup drive if you get my meaning.

Did a restore on Dropbox of deleted stuff but it didn't come up, probably because it was about 5 months ago and I've written and saved lots of other stuff on the folder.

So now the program is doing the last thing - searching my recycle bin. So far its been working through and taken about 5 hrs with at least 6 to go. I'm not very optimistic ... I think too much time has passed.

The worst thing is I can remember writing some great stuff and it would be impossible to replicate it now. I remember a few character names and part of the plot but the rest .... gone - like the entire folder.

Thank goodness I'm one of the people who can accept what's happened happened and move on ... that's after I finish banging my head on the desk .... lol.

That move up to the Central Coast is looking better and better each day  - Lake Macquarie views would certainly make my frustration evaporate

UPDATE : the program found 3 bits of the file but they had been overwritten and corrupted so that's that - back to the drawing board as they say.

On a funnier note.

Fozzie had his monthly bath today and the lady who washes and trims him decided he'd look cute if he matched my hair. Unfortunately she didn't have any purple but at least she got the same pink shade.

As she said dogs and their owners seem to grow very similar - Damn! Me with no makeup or glasses to see .... bwahahaha.....

But my sweet dog is showing his feminine side and rocking the pink!!