Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stinky Hot Weather and Shopping ....

Got my test results back from seeing the specialists - been poked, prodded, examined and photographed ... lol.

Wasn't the good news I was hoping for but I guess it could have been much worse.  Can't do much about the results just have to deal with it and move on.

The weather is warming up early this year. Its 4:30 in the afternoon and it's 30c (86f)!  Going to get hotter over the next week with Monday predicted to be 36c (97f).  I hate the heat. If this is what it's like in early Spring I'd to think what Summer will be like.

According to one of our chief meteorologists we can expect heatwaves, bushfires, droughts and thunderstorms because the El Nino developing looks to be the strongest on record.
The latest severe weather outlook from Sky Weather, released yesterday, shows the 2015 El Nino, a global climate pattern, is already the strongest of its kind in 17 years.
Took a trip to the new IKEA. 
We have a Business Park that's being developed 10minutes drive from my house.
As well as my favourite store - Bunnings they have opened IKEA. I've waited a little for the initial crowds to die down so went yesterday. Wandered through the Marketplace section and bought a few things. Let's face it anyone who can resist buying at least one item in IKEA deserves a medal ... lol.
Later this year Lindt chocolates are opening their main Australia factory/office and they intend to have a factory outlet shop - guess who will be on the doorstep when that opens.... bwahahaha.
Costco, Aldi, Maccas, HomeHub and Masters are also either now open or will be in the next 12 months. I was impressed that IKEA has covered their roof in solar panels generating electricity for the entire shop.

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