Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lots of Happy Dancing ...

Been a heady few days.

I submitted a manuscript to my publisher a the start of the week and was really surprised when I got a reply back on Thursday telling me it was accepted. The quickest I've ever waited has been 9 days and the longest a month. So I quickly signed the contract before they had a chance to change their mind ... lol.

Then this morning I was checking my Amazon page - I'd added my latest book to my author page and wanted to make sure it was now 'live'.

Imagine my surprise when I found it was #74 on their Top 100 Paid Best Selling list!!

What an unbelievable buzz!!

It doesn't get better than that ... I get excited when my books hit my publisher's best seller list but to actually get one on Amazon is totally amazing. I'm gobsmacked ... lol. Especially when you consider there are over 2 million ebooks for sale on the site!

So I've been happy dancing around the house - of course the cats and Fozzie think I've completely lost the plot but I don't care.

Finished my Lion painting and now just gessoed a large canvas - 1.5m x 1m. Decided it was about time I did another oil painting. Think I'd like to work on a seascape. Got lots of pics for reference.  

It's just a matter of deciding which one of the few hundred I've got. Been a long time since I worked in oils but sometimes you just have to get out the brushes and the pallet knives and let it rip especially after doing a black & white watercolour.

UPDATE - It's now #27!!!!  Whoohoo .....
Just when I thought it was going back down (it went back to #47 overnight) - it's started climbing again and is now at #20!!

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