Thursday, 29 October 2015

Graffiti - Time to Move? ....

So last night Fozzie went a little crazy barking around 12 - 1:30am. I yelled at him a couple of time and he settled back down.  This morning when the cleaners were here I get a knock at the door - the police.

Some delightful someones had targeted my tiny street and the long one alongside with graffiti.

Every car that was parked in the street was covered in grey tags and obscene words. Those house that didn't have front fences were also targeted with more graffiti on the brickwork.

Luckily I have a fence so my car was safe but my side fence took a hit.

In all about 3 dozen cars were completely covered along with a few houses and fences. I told the police about Fozz barking and they said they'd narrowed down the time to between midnight and 1:30.

When they left I saw everyone outside trying to remove grey paint from their windscreens and car paintwork. Check my fence and stood chatting with half the street. Gave some turps to a few people to get the paint off their windows and windscreen.

Then I noticed there was the lid of a grey spray can under one of the trees alongside my fence right where the fence had been painted so I rang the police.  Was told to carefully collect it in a plastic bag without touching it and they come back and pick it up.

When they arrive later in the afternoon they had two leads as well as my can lid so hopefully they catch the bastards ... fingers crossed they don't come back.

Wouldn't have been so bad if they did something amazing like this turtle... 

I'm starting to think it might be time to move - some nice houses on Lake Macquarie around Kilaben Bay that would be very nice to live in .... lol.

I could have me a big studio to work in, enormous block of land to have a few chickens and a much more laid back lifestyle.

2016 could very well be the year of the move. There are some beautiful houses up there within my price range and on 1/4 acre and are blocks. I'll get Xmas out of the way and then look.

Mmm - starting to sound very appealing - I think I just might do it! 

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