Sunday, 13 September 2015

Norman Lindsay ....

It never rains - it pours.

Got a week of tests from the 28th - not what I was looking forward to doing but I guess when life throws you a curve ball you have to try and catch it. I had planned a completely different week that didn't involve being poked and prodded!

Still it's probably better than later on. This year I've had my grandson for a week during each of the school holidays but his mum mentioned he would most probably be away this coming holiday so wouldn't be able to come and stay. At least I can hopefully get these tests all sorted before the Xmas hols when I hope he can come for a week or so.

Caught up with some old friends and met some new ones on Saturday. Had a delightful day at the Norman Lindsay Gallery at Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains.  I got there early and wandered through the gardens and gallery. Did some sketching and took a few photos then met my friends for a leisurely lunch about 11.30.  Didn't leave until close to 5.

Lunch was delicious. I had a delightful Goats Cheese, Semi Dried Tomato, Caramelised Onion and Basil Tart served with a Parmesan Salad and then indulged in another tart – lemon and lime curd tart served with Coconut and Kaffir lime Sorbet.

We sat outside under the trees and listened to the birds. We even watch a fat blue tongue lizard wander across the pavers and stairs to settle in amongst the shrubs.

I have always admired Lindsay's work especially his watercolours. I absolutely adore his female nudes always so lush and voluptuous!

Of course his statues, etchings and oils totally amazing too.  Such a prolific artist.

I was home by 5.45 - nice to have such a wonderful place so close to home.

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