Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Pre-occupied ...

Sometimes in life you feel absolutely helpless - like I do at the moment.

When someone you love is seriously ill and there is nothing you can do to help, to cure, to ease them you feel like some useless blob ... especially when it's your child.

I imagine lots of people go through the same emotions I'm feeling at present and you do come out the other side of the tunnel.

This week I think will be hard - waiting and sending thoughts for a good outcome out to the cosmos.

I feel a little like a duck - calm and unruffled on the surface of the water while paddling like the devil underneath.

Still I'm remaining positive - the signs are good.

To keep my mind occupied I'm working on a new manuscript and also painting.

One of the members of my online photo a day group posted a stunning portrait of a lion. I ask for and got permission from him to use it in an artwork.

So I've blocked it out and started working on it. Then last night I remembered a couple of other photos I'd got permission to use so will be sorting through them.  I have a couple of very large canvases (over 1m) that I would like to do some oil work on.

Usually I'm a watercolour girl but every now and again I like to break out the oil paints and my palette knives and let it rip!

It's a great way to get completely lost in an artwork -with watercolour you need to concentrate. It's a very unforgiving medium. Whereas with oils I can let my hair down and just have fun!

I prefer to use palette knives rather than brushes with oils so using a large canvas makes complete sense - plenty of room to throw that sucker around ....

One of my palette knives I've had since I first start painting as a child - it's seen a lot of work and a lot of growth. My father gave it to me and not only is it a
great tool it has sentimental value as well. It's the little one lying across the others.

I've finished two manuscripts recently - one is a 30k word paranormal romance for an anthology with a group of authors and the other is a 71k contemporary romance that I started at the beginning of the year but got stuck on. Had a break-through idea last month so was able to finish it. Sent it off to my beta readers who gave me the thumbs up.

I've done another edit on it and will leave it for a week or so then do a re-read and edit before subbing it to my publisher.

Been rolling another idea for a book around in my head and started writing things down. I use a program called Scrivener for my writing. It's a fabulous tool.

It's a word processor and a project manager all in one. I can scribble out my ideas, take notes, research, add pics and have it all alongside my writing for easy reference on the one screen.

Although Word 2013 is good, Scrivener allows me to do so much more and have it all in the one place and on the one page.

Before I bought it I would use both Word and Excel but Scrivener eliminates the need for using the two programs at once.

Yep I a convert!!

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