Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Look What's in My Driveway ......

At last! My car is back!

I was to pick it up late yesterday afternoon. So got there at 4pm as requested - staff rang down for my car to be brought round.

"Oops sorry - it's filthy, needs to be detailed and clean up before we can return it."
"Don't worry we'll drop it off at your house 8am tomorrow."
"Fine because I have an appointment at 9."

Five minutes after arriving back home get a phone call.

"Er sorry. Just checked the car, you don;t have a windscreen. It's being put in tomorrow morning."
"But we'll drop off a car at 8am for you to use until yours is ready."

So this morning at 8 a nice little new Toyota Corolla gets dropped off at my house. Perfect!

Oh oh - it's an automatic!  I haven't driven an auto for 45 years!

Figure out how to put it into gear and off I go to my appointment. Wanted to tie my left leg down as I kept wanting to put it on the non-existent clutch ... lol.

Get a phone call at 11am - "Your car is all ready to be picked up!"

Thank you, thank you. So picked it up at 12.

Nice new roof - all spick and span and very clean and shiny.  One little rubber thingy missing but it's on order. I didn't care as long as I could have my car back!

I could have had 5 days worth of a loaner but it didn't really make sense as my appointments could all be moved except for today's one.  I'd arranged a loaner if my car wasn't returned yesterday.

Anyway it all worked out in the end. Hopefully I never have to go through having a 'Rectification' on an old repair ever done again!!

Funny just how much you depend on something and really notice when you don't have it. I have a pile of mail to post, I need stuff from the supermarket that I kept forgetting when I did online orders. I want some delicious freshly baked bread.

In the end I was so tired and so bloody cold (dropped down to 10c today) so I just nipped into the supermarket for essentials.  I'll go do a big shop another day.

I'm one happy lady!!


  1. I bet you'll soon love an automatic and there will be no turning back ! :)

    1. Nah! Yes the auto was nice but I got into my RAV and sighed with relief. Think I'll be a manual driver until the day I die.