Thursday, 16 July 2015

Happy Dancing ...

*Happy dancing round the room*

My 14th book has just been accepted by my publisher!

I am so excited!

I wonder when the excitement of having a new book dies?  I doubt it ever would.

This one will be close to 300 pages long - a contemporary ménage romance set here in Australia in Katoomba. One hero is an indigenous Australian - figured it was about time someone showed an handsome male Aborigine in a romantic setting ... lol.

Spent a lot of time researching indigenous customs and languages I just hope I got it all right. Even found an online children's education site that teaches Warlpiri language - the language of my hero.

It was so interesting and I found myself spending days getting lost in their culture and customs.  I even had to learn about Skin names and how they affect each person.

On top of that I've sent of the MS for the box set to one of my Beta readers for their thoughts. If I get the okay then I'll tidy it up and send it to the organiser. The idea is to have the full set published in October.

At this stage there will be between 6 and 12 authors participating with a book each. The general theme will be Paranormal Romance.

Peter Fowler - 'Our Old Ones are Dying. Campsites are Empty. Our Language is Disappearing'

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