Monday, 20 July 2015

Dancing on Stage and on Wheels ....

Earlier this year I went to see The Rocky Horror Show in Lyric Theatre in Sydney.

I saw it the last time it was in Sydney when it had Iota as Frank'n'furter. This was a completely different production but I did enjoy it.

I do think the previous one was the better of the two - the audience participation was encouraged with everyone getting streamers to throw during the birthday party.

In this production the AP was sadly lacking although Craig McLaughlin certainly milked the audience with every gag.

I love RH - been a fan of it forever and often waste a Saturday afternoon watching Tim Curry strut his stuff.

Anyway I've now got tickets to see Cats in December - another of my favourite shows.  Been wandering around the house singing Jellicle Cats since I booked

Decided to try and get to the theatre a few times each year.

Singing in the Rain is coming next year as well as Sound of Music.

As for Dancing on Wheels  -  once again the Tour De France is on. Been watching it each night and once again there is speculation about drugs. This time it's Chris Froome, the race leader.

He had an amazing win on the first day in the Pyrenees. He claimed the stage victory at La Pierre-Saint-Martin after some amazing riding.

Drugs raised their ugly head when it was suggested that his heart rate was too slow for the work he did. 

But the 30-year-old Briton says that’s normal. “I’ve put that data out there myself in my book. I said my maximum heart rate is only 170,” said the Kenyan-born rider. “After two weeks of the Tour on Ventoux, it’s quite surprising it’s 160. It’s normally a bit lower than that.

Since the Lance Armstrong drug fiasco any rider who shows remarkable acceleration or decimates their rivals is in the sights.

On top of the drugs thing there are suggestions he has some hidden motor on his bike which, claimants say would account for his amazing bursts of speed.

How hard must it be to have to defend your riding and continue on with each stage. Only he knows whether or not he's clean I guess time will tell.

I've only been watching the Tour for about seven years but thoroughly enjoy it. How on earth they managed to push their bodies day after day. How the hell they can get back on their bikes after falling astounds me.

This, of course, is coming from a woman who has no idea how to ride a bike.

When I was a child my parent's gave me one but I could never master riding. Even when I was a teenager and in my twenties I had no luck. I just can't seem to balance ...  I'd need more than just training wheels to stay up ... lol.

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