Friday, 10 July 2015

Cold, Cameras and Cars

Really cold weather is on its way - an East Coast low is meeting a very cold air mass coming up from the Antarctic. The BOM is warming us to be prepared for snow as close to me as Katoomba. Strong winds and rain are also predicted for us on Sunday and Monday.

I love the cold weather but I have to admit I'm not really looking forward to this arriving. It was 0c the other morning with a deep frost covering the ground but the coldest it's been through the days lately has been around 12c. That is until today - it's hovering around 11c at the moment and there is a large rain band heading my way!

It will be interesting to see if this lives up to the predictions.

I'll get my winter woollies on just in case .... lol. Still I would rather have this sort of warning from the BOM than one that says be prepared for weeks of 40+!

Went to the Drive-in the other night to see Minions - much easy to go there than to the movies. Don't have to get all dressed up, can take a thermos of hot chocolate,  wrap myself up in a blanket and relax. Oh - and it is only $10!

Whoever came up with the Minion/Gru idea certainly struck gold.  I loved the two Despicable Me movies and this one was just as funny.

Sorting through all my photos to decide what to paint next. I have been working on the manuscript for the box set - about 22,000 words done - but I like to have a painting on the easel to break the work up.

I'm leaning toward something along these lines but knowing me I'll do something completely different.

Lol ... I'll probably end up painting a seascape or a bunch of flowers!

Still undecided on a new camera.  I had almost decided on a Canon EOS 7DII then someone suggested I buy another brand like an Olympus or Nikon and use an adaptor for the lenses I have. That's put a whole new spin on things so it's back to the drawing board.

Think I'll take a trip to Camera House and see what what's but it will have to be later this month. My car goes in to the smash repairers on Monday for an indefinite period.

Back in 2008 when the huge hailstorm ripped through my car got hammered. Now in one area that was supposedly replaced and repaired I have a big patch of rust.

The insurance company has accepted liability and are repairing it properly this time. They are sending it to a different repair place so fingers crossed.

The only trouble is it in the roof at the rear door and they aren't sure if it's gone through into the second layer skin.

So Monday I drop it off and they rip into the roof and lining to decide what needs replacing..... I just hope it doesn't take forever!

I know I prefer to be home but I like knowing my car is there in case I want to nip out for any reason. Instead I'll be stuck in the house for a least two weeks if not longer.

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