Thursday, 23 July 2015

Aarrggghhhh ......

Just found out they have to replace the entire roof on my car - one has been ordered from Toyota but they have none in stock.

Who knows when I'll have my wheels back!  It been almost 2 weeks already and there is no sign on the horizon that it's going to happen any time soon.

Who knows when the new roof will come in and then it has to be fitted and painted and then the lining replaced -  aarrrgghhhh - months!!

I know it's only because I can't do it but I really want to go out - I want to go up the mountains and take some photos but instead I'm

I want my carport filled again ... lol!

Isn't it funny how when you can't have something that's exactly what you want!

I'm usually very happy to stay snug in my house yet because I know I can't leave I really want to go out somewhere.

Oh well at least I'm getting a lot of writing done.

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