Saturday, 6 June 2015

This and That ....

Finally back to 'normal' after my break away. Mind you it's been an expensive few weeks.

I cracked a tooth before I went away and also had part of a tooth break away from an old filling. Fortunately the dentist was able to repair the old tooth by putting a veneer over the filling so it looks like I still have a tooth.  As for the crack, it's a hairline one and she would prefer to do a 'wait and see' rather than root canal work and a crown. I was happy to go with her suggestion ... lol.  Still it cost me a lot for the repair work.

Then I finally got #2 son organised to build me a carport. He's been going to built one since December but never got round to it.

We had another hail storm (actually 3 within 40 minutes) recently - thank goodness the hail was small, not like the monster ones of 2007.  They averaged out at over 8cm (3.5")!

Anyway in the end I bought all the materials to make a colourbond steel one. A few grand but I figured at least I'd have a chance of him erecting it all.

I was in shock when he told me he would put it up last weekend - just a few days after it was all delivered. Took him all day but I now have a carport, albeit without the down pipe connection because it got too dark.

Probably have to wait years for that ..... lol... but that doesn't matter.  The water runs down into the garden anyway.

A number of pavers will have to be cut to fit around the stanchions but that's nothing.

I bought a bigger one than I needed - its 3.5m x 5.5m which means the hail will have to come in sideways to get the car. Years ago (2008) my car was badly damaged by an enormous hail storm that did over $60,000 damage to my house as well any wonder I'm wary of hail storms now. ;)

So now instead of my poor car being pelted by the hail it's nicely tucked under shelter!

Just in time because it poured the night it went up.

Started a new painting - actually it was on the easel before I went away so I figured I'd finish it before I start anything from my trip.

The hardest part will be trying to decide what to start with.

I got a lot of great sunrise and sunset photos. Especially those taken as the sun was just rising. The sky was an apricot colour with purples and yellows. Totally amazing.

I love this one - the whole area was suffused with this orange/apricot glow as the sun rose. It was hard to capture the colours with a camera.  I did do a few quick washes just to get the colours down.

I like the way things are almost in silhouette. You can make out the rocks, trees and plants but they are almost lost against the rising sun.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact there were no raging surf opportunities. Although it was an enormous bay it was still sheltered so the surf was mild.

Think I'll have to take a trip up to the Central Coast and get some heavy surf picture when I know the weather conditions are good for them.

Trouble is even though I read the BOM report, I've raced up there a couple of times only to find that the surf is just normal - 90 minutes drive for nothing ..... lol.

Finger's crossed I can actually time it right. Either that or I take my next few days break in the area and hope for a day of windy weather ... lol.

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