Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mogo Zoo ...

Rather than write about everything I thought I'd just post some photographs after a brief post.

The Zoo is committed to the survival of endangered animals and provide world standard facilities for over 200 animals of more than 42 rare and exotic species, including the White Lions of ‘Timbavati’. Mogo Zoo also boasts the largest collection of primates in any private zoo in Australia.

I have to say I was really impressed with Mogo Zoo - it's only small but it has a great variety of animals, especially primates. They had primates from the tiny Pygmy Marmoset, the smallest true monkey in the world through to the mighty Western Lowland Gorilla.

The silverback, Kibabu, was enormous!

I spent some time sketching him and his troop while they ate after being fed a selection of vegetables. He seemed very taken with the tomatoes and the celery. I noticed none of the others came anywhere near him when there was food nearby. That is except for one little girl who the keeper told us she could get away with a lot from her father.

The lion and lioness stretched out on the raised platform were enjoying the morning sun although the lion was more interested in the Red Pandas who were enjoying their breakfast in the next enclosure. He didn't take his eyes off them until they retreated into the trees once they'd finished.

The agile Silvery Gibbons were racing around their enclosure, swinging and jumping with great gusto. It was only when got closer to me I saw she had a tiny baby, 3 weeks old, hanging on for dear life!

No need to write anything more about the wonderful Meerkats and the experience I had with them. I'm still grinning to myself when I think about it.  Two of the young males are off to breeding programs - one is going to New Zealand and the other to Taronga.

Just a few photographs from the 103 I took ... lol ... enjoy!


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