Friday, 27 February 2015


Nothing exciting going on at the moment. I've been working on edits for my latest book and today I started another painting - a surfer on a wave. Really looking forward to getting away in May. I am hoping to get a few paintings done while I'm there.

Have to take a trip to my favourite art supply shop in Ryde - there are a few things I need. An A3 watercolour pad to take away rather than loose sheets and I have run out of a few colours.

When I went onto the website for the Mogo Zoo near Bateman's Bay - I'm hoping to go there one of the days I'm away - and they have Western Lowland Gorillas! I'm so excited I love them and they are fabulous to paint. Hope to get some pics I can use as reference.

They also have Meerkats and Giraffe so hopefully lots of photo opportunities for me to take pics for reference.
I have a couple of books due out soon plus some are now available in print.

I know I'm an author because I get a royalty cheque every three months but when you have a book that you can hold in your hand it seems more real!

At the moment four of my books are now available in paperback and by the end of the year that number could be ten!  It is so exciting to see them on my bookshelf .... lol

Gone back to blonde on the hairstyle front - I liked the red but I'm so grey underneath that as it grows out the red looked horrid.

So I think I will stick to the light colours.  Because of the dark red that was in my hair, it now is a pale mushroomy pink ... lol. So I will be going back to having bright streaks to give it a bit of 'wow' factor.  

Was sent this on the Internet the other day and thought it was funny - fits me to a 't'.

One of my author friends sent it to me.  He and his partner live in the US and writes some great books.

If nothing else, I have made some great author friends. The fact that I sell books is just the cherry on top .... who would have thunk it! 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Holiday in May ....

Well I've booked myself a short break.

Going to spend five days early in May at Murramarang Beachfront Nature Resort in South Durras, just 15 minutes north east of Bateman's Bay.

I've booked this Ocean Spa Villa right on the beach. Just a few metres from the water of Mills Beach on Beagle Bay.

It looks lovely inside, perfect for me.  Nice and airy and plenty of room to move. Plus there's that wonderful looking spa-bath!

It's should only take me just under four hours drive but I will stop along the way for a break or two and something to eat.

It should be perfect - gorgeous scenery, I could sit and paint on the verandah! Plenty of bush and apparently plenty of wildlife with kangaroos visiting. I'll have to make sure I keep my camera handy.

Will have to take a trip to the art suppliers before I go. I'll need a couple of watercolour pads rather than take sheets of paper, easier to use 'en plein air'.

Have to decide whether to buy a new camera took, still umming and ahhing whether or not to upgrade mine.

The weather should be good, the heat of summer will have passed and the really cold winter stuff won't have arrived. Instead it should be nice days with crisp nights - perfect!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Holidays ....

Shocked myself .... lol.  I'd always wanted to go to Kakadu and Uluru and thought I'd make some enquiries as to costs.


It's cheaper to go overseas.

Just the fares and accommodation for 5 days in Kakadu were over $6000 then you had to add the Uluru costs which were up around $3000 for a few days. Then airfares.

So scrap that idea.

Thought then about the Indian Pacific to Adelaide then the The Ghan to Alice and Darwin and that was even more expensive!

 It's just crazy to know that travel in Australia is so expensive!

I know we are a big country but you would think tourism Australia would try and make things more affordable so more people would travel.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Back to thinking of staying a few days on a beach somewhere. I could paint all day, maybe drive into the mountains if I felt like it.

Of course I have to decide where - south to somewhere like Gerringong or Bateman's Bay or north Port Stephens or Port Macquarie.  I must admit I'm leaning toward south - quieter.

How nice it would be if I knew someone who had a holiday place on the coast somewhere south NSW.

But as I don't I now just have to decide where and when :)