Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Red, Red I See Red ...

They say a change is as good as a holiday so I decide I'd had enough of white hair. So I went - RED!

Later I will still have a few streaks of other colours like purple or blue or white but at the moment it's just cherry

Update - tried a few streaks of purple! .... lol

I bid farewell to my four-legged visitors - my kids couldn't believe how much weight their baby put on.  Jasmine, the Shitzu/toy poodle cross was underweight - by a lot!  The vet was concerned about her weight when the kids took her for a check up after Xmas.

No problem now!

The vet would be very happy with her.  Think it must have been all the rice and pasta I fed them.  Fozzie always love pasta, rice, veggies and fruit so I fed my two guests the same way.  They loved it and now she is fighting weight

Fozzie is very happy they've gone.  Now he has the run of the back AND the side yards again.  In the side yard I have an old mattress.  It sits on the outdoor table and Fozzie (and the two cats) love to sit on in.

Fozz is always on it whenever I leave to go anywhere.  Its comfy for him plus the whole side yard is covered so he is protected from the sun, the wind and the rain.

Still haven't decided on the DSLR camera.  The more I read, the more confused I am.  By the time I finally decide on one I bet they'll be another half dozen out that are better and I'll have to start from scratch!

Been thinking about having a few days break.  Was considering going down the coast somewhere.  Figured I could paint and photograph the water as well as take a trip through Kangaroo Valley, maybe Minnamurra Falls and get some work done there.

Just need to decide where would be the best place to stay for a couple of nights that would be in easy reach of all areas.

I did think about going up the coast but to go to the rainforest you have to travel further up whereas the Valley and Minnamurra are not that far inland.

As well there's Hampton bridge, that would be a great subject to paint.

 I stayed in Kiama a number of years ago but I was with relations so couldn't wander around as I would by myself or stop and paint. So now it's just a matter of deciding where and when.

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