Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ITIN, Painting Time ....

Spoke too soon re my ITIN - just got a letter from the US IRS - they want my original identification documents!!


They just returned them to me last week - now they want them back! OMG - I cannot believe how much hassle this is to get one bloody number!

They returned them to me last week saying they were now processing my W-7 form. Then today I get a letter from them saying they can't process my W-7 form because I didn't send any original documents! ...... aaarrrggggghhhhh!

Been painting.

Have sent back the first edits on a book that comes out the end of the month. On top of that I have submitted the 2nd in the series.

Waiting on my beta reader to give me the verdict on the 3rd book in the Vampire Hunter series - if I get the okay then I will tidy it up and submit it.

So in the meantime I've been painting. The kids have left - just have the four legged visitor's still so to get me back into calmness I decided to paint.

I'd got this great picture from Sue Grzazeck - one of the members of the FB photography group I belong to - to use as a reference so decided to tackle it.

 The original photo had some lovely colours in it. The sky had yellows, purples and blues which I really liked.

Thinking I might tackle some of the other photos I've amassed over the past twelve months.  Some are mine and some are from people who kindly gave me permission to use their pics.

I really like the movement in this seascape - love how the water is framed by the rocks.

I'm thinking once my four legged guests leave, I might have to take a drive either up or down the coast and get some more reference shots.

If anyone has any suggestions of places for me to photograph just drop me an email. (Somewhere within an hour or two's drive from Western Sydney ... lol ... much as I would like to I can't afford a world painting tour).

In the meantime I have some amazing photos from my FB buddies from all around the world for inspiration!

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